The Reality of Abuse

February 15, 2008

So many people just do not want to believe abuse happens, even when it is under their noses. I think, for some, it is because they have not dealt with their own abuse and, therefore, cannot handle seeing the abuse of others. I had a very wise pastor tell me one time that it is hard for people to hear about someone’s pain when they have undealt with pain themselves. This is because hearing the other person’s pain touches their pain.

And for others, they cannot admit that there is such darkness as abuse because they have no answer for it. They believe that this life is all there is and it is too terrifying to believe the abuse is real. They live in a world without hope and feel helpless to do anything about it.

Others are such sensitive souls that they are too hearbroken by the thought of it to admit that it happens.

Some are simply deceived. They have been lied to and told there is no evidence for it when there is a LOT of evidence for it.

There may be as many reasons for not believing in it as there are people who don’t believe.

But it does happen. Regardless of the reasons people have for not believing in it…it does happen.

I know…I am a survivor. And I have friends who are, too.


  1. You are a survivor and Jehovah is alongside you. I pray he will continue to support you and strengthen you. Your journey has been unthinkable; your courage unquestionable; your tears healing.


  2. Thank you for your kind words, Lesley. I know that He will continue to get me through this.

    A Survivor

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