Nechemyah 9 and the Names of God

February 22, 2008

I heard a sermon today on Nechemyah/Nehemiah chapter 9 and the names of God. (You can find it here: http://www.thevictoriouschurch.com/messages.htm. There are teaching notes at the bottom.)

Each name of Yahweh shows us some attribute of His…some way that we can be touched by Him…some way that He is there for us. This is very comforting to me.

I know that Shalom encompasses wholeness and healing. In the sermon, I also found out that it means the equivalent of “it is finished” or “it is done”. This is what Yeshua said right before His death…it is finished. And it was. All that was needed to enable us to have a right relationship with our Creator – Yahweh – was done. All that was left was for us to choose to accept it.

Yahweh Shalom/Yeshua…God of peace, wholeness, healing…the finisher. I know that I have experienced that shalom even in the midst of deep emotional pain, which is about where I am right now. There are times when emotional pain will hit with such intensity that it feels almost as if I am going crazy. These emotional flashbacks can make it very difficult to function. It can also be difficult to hide what is going on, since I do not want to cause concern to anyone else.

Yahweh Yireh…God our provider. He has provided for me and for my family in so many ways.

Yahweh Rapha…the God who heals. He has also provided what I have needed for my healing in so many different ways and times. I know that I can count on Him for that.

Yahweh Nissi…the Lord is our banner in battle. I have had to fight spiritual battles. Yahweh has been my banner. He has led me and kept me safe in different ways, opening my eyes to what was really going on.

El Gibbor…Mighty God. He fights for me and protects me.

El Roi…God sees. He sees me and my situation and my heart. Nothing can catch Him by surprise. This is VERY comforting.

All of His names bring comfort in one way or another. I guess…as a survivor of abuse…perhaps this is extra meaningful for me. I don’t know, since the closest I can relate to a non-survivor mentality is when I was living prior to some of my memory recall.

This is where my thoughts are today.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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