Healing – What Does it Look Like?

February 28, 2008

I have been pondering what healing looks like. I guess, with the PTSD, it is a simpler question to answer. I would imagine it means no more flashbacks. No more being suddenly hit with intense emotional pain. No more pictures running through my mind of past events and people.

I think it would also mean not being so drained, since the emotional flashbacks which are so draining would not be happening. Hopefully, it would also mean being able to think more clearly and not getting so confused.

But, now I am probably sliding over into another realm…that of dissociation. What is PTSD and what is dissociation? And how many symptoms/events overlap between the two? I honestly don’t know. I tend to think the confusion comes more from dissociation, but I could be wrong.

But back to healing. I think healing would look like…no confusion. No being hit with odd feelings out of seemingly no where. No more feeling so easily overwhelmed. No more amnesia! Although…that could be a mixed thing. Do I really WANT to remember all the things I have buried under the amnesia. Honestly…probably not. Just knowing what it is about is sufficient. I really don’t need to remember the details, thank you. So, does that mean that I really do not want to be healed? Hmmm…I never quite thought of it that way before. Maybe it does!

It is now known that the brains of children who experience trauma/abuse at an early age develop differently. If their brains were to be compared to a pc…it would be seen that they are hardwired differently. They do not work the same, which is why there are problems that last into adulthood…problems with how the brain processes things. I really need to read more on this subject. Perhaps it would help me to understand more of what happens with me and, maybe, even some ways to work around it.

One thing that is very encouraging to me is when I read about how Yeshua healed people who were blind or crippled from birth. It was not just about making eyes see…or making the brain able to receive the signals. The brain had to actually be able to interpret those signals. There are parts of the brain that have to develp in order to give us depth perception, for example, or to give the ability to interpret a table as a table. Those parts of the brain ALSO had to be put into place.

It is the same thing with walking. When a child learns to walk there are parts of the brain that develop. If a child never learns to walk, those parts never develop. So, the healing was not just about strengthening the legs. It was also about the brain suddenly having all the things in place for balance and sending the right signals to the legs to make them work. Wow!

Since Yahweh can do that in healing, it means He can also heal the brain from the effects of the trauma/abuse. Of course, God being God can always do that. I guess, really, it is more the fact that He HAS done it that is encouraging. He HAS healed some blind from birth and crippled from birth. So, not only CAN He…He has and will. Will He do it for me…in this life? I don’t know. But I DO know that it will happen in the next life for sure. I will be given a new body…and that means a new brain, too. One that will be perfectly developed. I cannot even begin to imagine what that will look like.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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