Dreams and Death

March 24, 2008

The other night I kept going in and out of the same dream. I don’t remember much about it…but I know that, in the dream, my father had died. I don’t know how. I was with my mother while receiving the call about my father. Evidently, it was “expected” that he might die. I don’t know who was with me, but I remember trying to consult with them about whether to tell her right away or not, but she seemed to figure it out anyway.

I could not tell if she was in her home or in a facility somewhere, but it seemed like she needed care of some sort…like she was ill or something…which I think was the reason for the uncertainty whether or not to tell her right away.

Dreams about my parents always bring up questions for me. Are they OK? Are they even still alive? All I know to do is to check the obits for the newspapers where they appear to still be living.

I wish that I could have a good relationship with my parents. I don’t like being estranged from them…but it is simply the way it must be…for now.


  1. I had a period of time when I did not speak with my mother. we only lived one hour apart. It was tough not knowing how she was doing, but it was the best to keep it the way it was.

    I am sorry you are having these dreams. I will lift you up in prayer , may you rest without the dreams if that is the will of our Heavenly Father.
    Love you Sis.

  2. Thanks, Sis. I love you, too! It was really nice talking to you the other day.

    Love you!

  3. I am rereading through my blog. I do have a semi relationship with my father now. My mother is dead. We are not close and I don’t ever see us being close. There is no real closure. I have worked on my own healing and can, at least, honor him as my biological father.

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