Struggling with Life…Still and Again

March 30, 2008


Life is such a struggle at times. At times? Shoot…a LOT of the time! What can I say? No one promised any one of us that life would be easy. In fact, we are promised trials and tribulations if we follow Yeshua/Jesus. Besides…we all live in a world corrupted by the evil in people’s hearts…so why should His followers be exempt from being effected by that? Being His followers simply means that we won’t be effected by it forever…that we are given His power to be different…to somehow rise above it all…to make different choices. That is how I see it. We choose to accept Him and the gift of His Ruach/Spirit living within us, changing us into better persons.

Some people talk about “pie in the sky”…as if having something good to look forward to after this life is a bad thing. Well, what if you happen to like “pie”? I don’t know about anyone else, but when I think of being with my Abba/Father in heaven forever, walking in His true love and never again experiencing pain, suffering, sickness, death…well…that “pie” sounds pretty darn GOOD to me!

This life is captured in time. Heaven is not. It is eternal…never ending. Anything that happens within time is so short compared to forever. In fact, you cannot even compare being in time with being out of time. It is like comparing animals and stars…there is just no common ground between the two.

Now, I know you could get scientific on me, as in…I know they both have energy. But life is more than just energy. It is also spirit. At some point, we will be given a new body and our spirits will live forever. If I have to suffer a bit in this life to live forever with God as opposed to suffering in this life to live forever without Him…well…that choice is pretty much a no brainer for me.

There are some who don’t believe there is a God who would condemn anyone to live without Him forever…in darkness. Well…I don’t believe there is, either. What I read in His word is that we all make that choice for ourselves. We either accept Him and His love…or we reject Him and His love. The choice is ours.

And, since He is God and made us and all that we see…He is the One who defines what acceptance is…not us. We cannot simply make God into who we want Him to be. He is…period. In other words, to adapt an AA saying about accepting life on life’s terms…we accept God on God’s terms. We cannot change the terms of life and we cannot change God’s terms. He assures us that we will ALL have the ability to choose. Now…how He does THAT…I don’t even profess to understand. I just know that He says He does not want anyone to be lost and He promises that ALL will be able to make that choice.

I find that comforting, especially when I am struggling so much with feeling like I am failing Life 101. If God were wishy washy and constantly changing I would never know what I could count on. I need a God whose is true…whose word and character are unchanging.

I don’t serve a capricious God…I serve a very loving God…Yahweh. If He says no one will die with an excuse for rejecting Him, then I know that I can count on Him doing everything necessary to reach each and every person. That is very reassuring, especially when I think of my sister.

I know of no other God who chose to take on the form of man so that we could see Him and touch Him and hear His voice so clearly. I know of no other God who chose to suffer and die for His creation. I know of no other God who saves through grace alone…through my accepting His free gift alone. The other “gods” I hear about want their people to die for them…want their people to earn “heaven” (or whatever their equivalent). Yahweh wants to fill us with His Ruach/Spirit, yet some other “gods” seem to want us to be empty. **shrug**

I don’t know a lot about religions, but I do know this. Yahweh is true. He is, through Yeshua/Jesus, the Creator of the Universe. No matter what happens in this life, I will choose to love Him and serve Him.

These are just my thoughts on things. I base them, as best I can, on my understanding of what God has written in His Word. I don’t base them on what people say. I have found what people say to often times not be in agreement with what I see written in the Bible. So, when I hear/read things, I go back and check it out to see if the Bible/God really does say that. It is amazing to me what people say God said in the Bible that is really not true. Verses are so often taken out of context and/or so twisted as to be unrecognizable.

Anyway…I am feeling the struggle of life right now. Yet, I am also confident that Yahweh will get me through it, in spite of my feelings.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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