Oversensitivity and Herschel Walker

April 14, 2008

I am so tired of feeling overwhelmed. Well…right now what I am referring to might better be referred to as oversensitive. I feel emotions so deeply…so very deeply. When I watch something that shows pain and suffering, I feel it inside. I want to weep. It seems like I have always been very sensitive to those kinds of things, but even more so now. I tried to avoid movies or TV shows that depict hard core things like abuse or violence. I just cannot handle it very well.

With the way society is nowadays, it seems like there is an awful lot of stuff I am sensitive to…even in “good” movies/shows. If it looks like someone is hurting, my heart just goes out.

I saw something recently that talks about modern day slavery. that is always hard for me. I get the Voice of the Martyrs newsletter and sometimes, I just cannot read it. I can only glance over it. I let my son read it, though, because I know it is important. I just feel too fragile sometimes. That makes me feel badly. What they are going through is horrendous. It is not that I do not care, but I guess all that I have been through myself has left me so fragile that doing life takes all I have. It isn’t that I don’t care. I just sometimes cannot look at that stuff. I guess maybe it reminds me too much of other things? Of cult things? I know that looking at stuff like that does sometimes seem to trigger flashes of stuff in front of my “eyes”.

So, Herschel Walker has DID. I am grateful that someone was bold enough to stand up and admit having it. Yet, I am concerned that people might get the idea that all those with DID have this violent, angry, murderous side to them. It just isn’t so. Some do…obviously. But many do not. I could get into this more…but right now I am pressed for time.


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