More Thoughts on Herschel Walker and DID

April 16, 2008

OK. I have been doing a lot of article reading and video interview watching since this was first brought to my attention. Naturally, I had to first work through what was being triggered by my own reaction to seeing and hearing Mungaze. So, I have taken some time to really look at this and think things through. Setting my own feelings about Jerry aside…these are my thoughts on this.

I wonder…where is the severe trauma that I have always read/heard is needed for DID to develop? I do realize that it could be unremembered, but Herschel has insisted that there was no sexual abuse, physical abuse, etc.

So being fat and having a speech impediment and being teased can cause DID? Hmmmm. I am not saying he does not have it. His wife certainly describes things that sound right on the money. Yet, I am concerned.

Something just does not feel right to me. The lack of severe trauma causes me to wonder if there is not, at least on some level, a publicity thing going on here. This brings Herschel’s name back into the limelight. Remember, this man thrives on drivenness and accomplishing things…different things…new things. That is what I pick up on from reading so many articles about this. Is this book just another part of that? Is it part of a need to be recognized? Or to be pushing himself into a another new thing…both the new thing of writing a book and the new thing of being in the middle of a controversy? I don’t know. I just know my gut does not feel real good about this whole thing.

I am very concerned about the seeming connection being made between having DID, being teased for being fat with a speech impediment and having a “murderous” alter. Multiples have been a laughing stock for a long time now and I am afraid this just might fuel the fire rather than serve to quench it.

There are always those who will jump on the bandwagon. I can just see it now…people who are teased suddenly start having DID and DID becomes the catchword for people with anger issues, just as most every person who has difficulty sitting still suddenly has ADD, which hurts the ones who really DO have it.

Will DID became a catch all, causing the naysayers to point their fingers and say “See! We told you so! All it takes is a well known person to come out with having any kind of condition and suddenly the number of diagnoses being made skyrockets! Just like after the release of ‘Sybil’ and ‘Three Faces of Eve’!”?

I know…there are some key indicators of having alters, but a true diagnosis can be tricky to come by, especially for those who are very co-conscious/present. But there ARE also the theatrical ones who will be very suggestible and who can appear to have DID. High dissociators, even if they do not have DID, ARE very suggestible. And there ARE some therapists who, if a diagnosis is made socially “acceptable” will push for that diagnosis…sad to say. The good ones won’t…but then, it is never the good ones that cause me concern. It is always the bad ones.

Aren’t we all already fighting an uphill battle for acceptance and to be believed, especially in regards to our having experienced the trauma we experienced…in addition to struggling with whether or not to share that we have DID? With this being made public, I would be even more hesitant to share that I have DID for fear someone might think I might have a murderous alter that I don’t know about. Or that they would be hesitant to take me seriously after hearing that you can get it for simply being teased while growing up.

I know…it could be a good conversation starter for what DID is REALLY all about. Hubby and I have talked about that. But I am just concerned about the picture of DID that this is painting. If Herschel Walker really does have DID, he is only one example of how it can work. From what I have read, he fits in the minority profile of how it manifests.

So, THAT is what I am afraid will happen. Maybe it won’t. I sure HOPE it won’t! I hope this will only serve to open people’s minds to reality…but somehow…something in my gut tells me this may end up hurting things…not helping.

My personal thought on this book? I think it was foolish to publish it without first uncovering what trauma he experienced that was so severe as to cause DID. In fact, I think it may actually be bordering on totally irresponsible. I am saddened that Jerry would encourage this. I am truly fearful that we are going to see more negative backlash coming from this than positive forward motion.

I sincerely hope that I am WRONG!!!!

Just my thoughts. I may be waaaaaaaaayyyy out in left field on this one…or even out of the ball park completely.


  1. I am SO glad you posted that; I have the same struggles with believing him that you do. I hope by this time something else has happened to prove that he’s really multiple. I watched him on TV and simply wasn’t convinced he is.

    Now that time has gone by, perhaps more information is available. Until then, like you, I am skeptical.

  2. I hope Herschel Walker doesn’t struggle to keep his poker face on during the sports legends challenge. Do you think his multiple personality disorder will prohibit him from playing his best?

    • I have no idea, ana. To be quite frank…I wonder if he really even is multiple. He claims he is and he claims, as I recall, that it helped his playing. I have never met Herschel Walker and I do not trust Dr. Mungadze’s assessments.

  3. I do not know Herschel Walker, but I do know Dr. Jerry Mungadze. I have DID and he is the only therapist who has ever helped me. He is knowledgeable, trustworthy and sincere. NONE of these judgments about him would be written if you knew him, too AND were a true dissociative who WANTED to get well.

    • I almost had to laugh when I read this comment, Kathleen.

      Did you actually read my other posts about Herschel Walker and Jerry Mungadze? If so, then you would know that I DO know Jerry Mungadze. In fact, I got to know him more than I am going to reveal here. So did my husband. We were both pretty impressed.

      I don’t know what happened, but he did not seem to be the same person when I actually started to do some work with him sometime later.

      All the concerns I express I have also heard from others…others who ARE “true dissociatives”…dissociatives that I know for fact DO want to get well. I am not alone in my thoughts on this.

      I don’t doubt that he helped you. I am sure he has helped others, too. I also know of others he has NOT really helped.

      As for me…he really messed with me. In fact, it took the help of another therapist working with me for months to help me break free from Jerry’s influence.

      I love how you judge me without having met me. You ASSUME that I do not know him. You ASSUME that I am not a true dissociative (as if that has anything at all to do with how I was treated by him). You ASSUME that I do not want to get well.

      Well, Kathleen…it is very clear that YOU do not know ME! I have a reputation for working VERY HARD on my healing. Another therapist who has MANY years of experience with SRA survivors has expressed amazement at how much work I have done ON MY OWN!

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion about others…you included. That is why I approved your comment.

      I could write more about this, but I will let it rest for now. Just one word of caution…beware of any therapist who refuses to listen to what you know about yourself and who always makes it sound like any disagreement means that YOU are really messed up…or unco-operative…or (fill in the blank)…and who refuses to even entertain the idea that just maybe HE/SHE is the one who is wrong!

      I wish you well on your healing journey.

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