Double Standards!

June 22, 2008

I HATE double standards! I am sure I have been guilty of using them at times myself. Is anyone immune to them? I doubt it…no matter how hard we try. I think there will always be times when we see ourselves as right and yet, when another person does the exact same thing…they are wrong! Double standard. Whether it is something we get hit with or something we hit others with…it happens.

What I hate even more is being accused of saying and believing things I did not say and believe…or doing things I did not do…simply because someone is angry at me. What is even harder is when all the things I am accused of doing, etc. are actually being done by the accuser! Double standard!

I don’t like being on either end of the double standard thing. I don’t like having it done to me…nor do I like doing it to others. And yet, until Yeshua comes back and makes all things right again…I am sure that I will stumble into both ends of it again. I will be hit with it myself by others…and I will hit others with it myself.

I pray that I will, at least, not do it to others…even subtly. Yet, I know how imperfect I am and what the likelihood is of my doing it on some level. I also pray that I will not get hit with it again from others. Again, though, we are all imperfect and the likelihood that I will get hit again is very high. Such is life.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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