Talking With the Pastor

October 16, 2008

I talked with my pastor yesterday. It actually went very well.We both saw the hand of God in it. I was supposed to talk with him last week, but it did not work out due to unforeseen circumstances. Then, this last Sunday, he had to switch out his sermons, again due to unforeseen circumstances. Well, he mentioned SRA in the sermon. He talked about being POW’s in the enemy’s camp…spiritual POW’s. The timing was perfect.

I already knew he understands the reality of DID (from a previous bible study), so I figured he probably understood SRA/RA, too. Well, it turns out that the counselor who worked out of his previous church had a LOT of SRA clients. So, they were constantly coming in and out of his church.

I still need to find out just what he knows. He mentioned that he had been called in by police at his former church to help them understand the spiritual side of SRA. This could turn out to be one very interesting connection. It could also be a help to my support. I told him that I was looking to expand my support team. Mainly, I just think it would be nice if my pastor had a clue about what I go through…and why some things, and times, are tougher for me.

It was also good to find out that, while there are Masons in the church, there are none in leadership. He agreed that there is a lot of cult in this area. Gosh…someone who sees! How refreshing!

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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