Finding the Joy in Living

December 17, 2008

It is much easier to live life when I can find joy in it. It is easier to find joy when I can be thankful. Sometimes, especially when I am going through a period of darkness or struggle, it can be difficult to think of anything to be thankful for. It is in those times that I have to start with what seems like the smallest of things.

I may have to really choose to see something of beauty in the world around me…like a little flower in the midst of weeds. Or a patch of blue sky in the midst of the gray clouds. It might even be that last Autumn leaf that is still clinging to the branch… a picture of tenacity. I find that the more things…even little things…that I can find to be thankful for…the easier it is to find the bigger things.

There have been days in my life when it seemed like I was locked into darkness. I could not see even the tiniest bit of beauty. The skies were all gray. Most of the leaves were on the ground. There were no flowers…just dried up brown weeds. All I could see was the negative.

But then it would hit…I can see! There are some who cannot see that gray sky, or the blue the will eventually follow. They cannot see those weeds, or the flowers that will come in the spring. I can hear all the noises that I found so annoying. There are some cannot hear anything…not a whiny child, a car radio blaring or a lover’s sigh. I can walk among those trees so bare of leaves and devoid of color. There are some who cannot walk…some who cannot even leave their beds!

I found that, if I really chose to, I could find things in life to focus on that would cause me to feel joy.  At some point, as my heart would become filled with thankfulness, I would start to dwell upon the One I could thank for all these things. So, in the midst of finding joy in the darkness, I also find gratitude. In the midst of finding gratitude in a darkened world, I find the One to Whom I can express that gratitude.

I do not know why I am blessed. I do not know why I hurt. Good and bad hit all of us. I do know, though, that I am a child of my Creator. I know that all the good things I do have, no matter how small or large, are gifts from Him. For that I am grateful.

There are times when I am simply grateful for His getting me through things, especially when I think of the abuse or I think of the depression and the dark times I have had to experience. Even now, when I struggle, I know it is Him getting me through it. I simply cannot do it by myself. I need His help and He gives it.

It may be really hard. I might have to struggle a lot as I work through things, but He is faithful to get me through it. He is faithful to love me and teach me and show me how to live life His ways. For that, I am VERY grateful!


  1. You get it right – it is hard for us to think of anything to be thankful for when we are struggling or when we are seeing darkness. That is why it is helpful if we draw up a list to remind ourselves to give thanks daily.


  2. Thank you, Novice101, for your comment. I read your blog post and see that you have looked at thankfulness quite a bit yourself!

  3. in-deed u are finding the joy == and did u see my post on sorrow…and joy…come take a look YOU will understand

    i am so happy BECAUSE I KNOW WHERE U HAVE BEEN AND WHERE YOU CAN STILL WANDER OFF TO…a valley, a mountain, an ocean i have browsed, and swum and climbed

    and we do so continually

    NOW see the beauty in the grey sky and the trees without their leaves and the leaves without their trees and

    the weed alas lonely in its homely way

    ah…the beauty of being all HIS (or Her) or Nature’s —

    mother nature’s many


    i feel u 4ever

    –beeha, http://2cob.wordpress.com

    feel them forever and remember but Buddha says:

    ” The foot feels the foot when the foot feels the ground ” … also on 2 cob’s site — take a look at some of the favorite quotes…

    ther 2 heal … another post u must read … i forget the name of it but it’s about hurting & healing and what i have learned…

    i don’t steer u to these b/c i have written them but b/c i feel they are yours, too.

  4. I am truly happy for you my friend. It is good to feel grateful, we have much to be grateful for. Thanks for posting this, very uplifting to the spirit.



  5. Hi, Beeha. I did go read your posts on Sorrow and Joy. Thank you for steering me to them.

    Our Creator, Yahweh, has given us much beauty to enjoy. All of the intricacies within nature point to His hand as Designer. How plain that is…and yet how sad that so many do not see it.

    My greatest joy comes when I make Him first in my life and obey His teachings. He blesses me SO much and enables me to see the beauty and to experience the joy…even in the midst of struggles.

    As He has brought me down the healing path, He has opened my heart up to an even deeper relationship with Him through His Son, Yeshua/Jesus. He is the Author of all truth and there is no other God but Him.

    Take good care!

  6. Thank you, A! Oh, yes, dear friend…we have much to be grateful for! I am so glad that this post was uplifting to you. I hope it will be to many others, too!

    love you much,

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