Forgiveness – the Way to Freedom!

December 30, 2008

Maybe I am crazy…I don’t know. I just know that forgiveness is the key to living life fully. Yahweh’s forgiveness of my sins. My forgiveness of those who have hurt me. My forgiving those who have hurt me does not make them innocent of any wrongdoing any more than Yahweh forgiving me makes me innocent of any wrongdoing. It simply shows His incredible mercy and grace. His forgiveness of me enables me to forgive others.

Yahweh is a God of justice. That is why His Son had to come and pay the penalty for our sins…so that justice could be done. Yes…I am forgiven…but at what a cost…what a price. Yet, there are those who would say that we don’t need Yeshua…that there are other ways to “God”. Really? If that is true, then that would make Yeshua a poor deceived fool…to go through all that He went through…for what? For nothing…if there is some other way to Yahweh!

No, Yahweh is a God of justice…and all those who say that there are other ways to Him…those who are denying what Yeshua Himself so clearly said…will end up paying the price for their arrogance. Yahweh is a God of justice! He is also a God of mercy and grace and love…hence He sent His Son Yeshua.

Anyway, back to forgiveness…mine toward others. Back in July, my mother left their new phone number on my MIL’s answering machine. I am not sure what moved her to do that, but she did. So, I tried sending emails to their old email addresses. They weren’t long…mostly just letting them know that I could see they moved. It appeared that some email addresses were still in use. That was in July. I received no response.

A week or so ago, I suddenly received two one word replies. I responded to one and got a two word reply back. Do they want to correspond? I have no idea really. The last I knew they thought I lied about everything and have been lying for years…along with manipulating and using them, etc. It is rather difficult to imagine any kind of meaningful communication taking place if that is still their take on things. The fact that I have proof that they are incorrect in their assessment of me is irrelevant. It has been what they believed.

Yet, I forgive them. I have never harbored a grudge against them…although I have had to set up healthy boundaries for protection and safety purposes. I have grown. I believe that I am ready…and strong enough…to contact some people I knew before. Whether or not they wish to contact me is another story. I am OK either way.

I have learned to value and cherish friendships when I have them. I have also learned to hold them loosely. People are gifts for a time. Sometimes, it is better to part ways for awhile. I had to do that with one girlfriend…for both of our sakes. Being from the same cult group was…well…just plain not safe. Will we reconnect this side of heaven. I don’t know. Time will tell on that one.

Forgiveness. Without it, we are locked into prisons of the heart. We are locked into bitterness and anger and hurt. I prefer not to be locked into that prison. I shall choose to forgive…and to keep on forgiving. It is the way of freedom.


  1. I have had to continually ask myself if I have completley forgiven my abusers. I think as my recovery goes step by step, layer by layer, I have to consider if I have held on to some anger or feelings of revenge. I have to ask God to make me willing to forgive. I sure can’t fully give it all over to Him without His help. We can’t forget to let go or our recovery is stalled.

  2. Forgiveness is key to my recovery. I certainly can’t do it alone. Often I have to pray that God makes me willing to forgive. As I work through the layers of memories and emotions I have to check myself. Have I picked some of these things back up and am I holding on to them? Anger and grudges can sneak in. I have to be aware of whats going on inside of me.

  3. Hi, Linda & Daisy,

    there are many times that I have to ask God to make me willing to do something I am not willing to do. He is faithful to do just that!

    Lately, I have been asking Him to show me if I am holding onto things, maybe even in just a tiny way. I don’t want anything, not even a tiny bit of unforgiveness, to live within me. It will color every heart connection I have, especially the one I have with Yahweh.

    I must be diligent!

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