Life Is Hard Enough

January 30, 2009

Life is hard enough without having people make assumptions about you. How many times do we make assumptions about the people we meet? How many times do we presume to know what they are thinking or feeling? To know where they are coming from? I wonder how many blessings we miss out on because we don’t allow others to simply be themselves.  I hate to think of how many times I may have done that to others.

We all come from different places…yet we also all have some similarities. All of us were created by the same God…Yahweh. All of have to live life and, at some point, we will all leave this life. All of us have been hurt by others in one form or another and all of us have hurt others in some way.

We live in a fallen world and life is tough enough to live. We need to love and support one another…not poke fun and take advantage of. We need to receive compassion and we need to give compassion. We don’t need labels and name calling. Let us love one another with the love of our Creator.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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