Dear Mom and Dad

February 12, 2009

I am still trying to put together all that you did and what must have happened to you to cause you to do those things. You must have been hurt so badly in your own life. I forgive you. I pray that you will someday find the healing that you both need. I pray that you will finally find Yahweh’s peace and forgiveness for yourself…as I have.


  1. “Parents” are such a deep issue for survivors. I admire you for walking in that path.
    My parents are in the area and I have regular contact with them. I’ve never really felt angry toward them. I’ve never felt angry toward any of my abusers for that matter. However I do have anger issues. So let God guide this part of your walk and be close beside every step of the way.


  2. For me, it is a matter of safety. I am part of a generational SRA family. My contact could be dangerous…and/or it could be a part of my healing. Right now, it feels rather confusing, but I may blog more about that soon.

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