Dear Sis – 2

February 18, 2009

Hi, Sis, I’m back again. Just can’t get you off of my mind for very long. You know, it makes me angry to think of how they robbed us of so much. I did try after I moved out. I know you know that. But mom wouldn’t hear of it. She just had to interfere in her sneaky, manipulating way. Grrrrr!!!! I HATE that she did that. But then…maybe, at that time, I was not any safer for you than she was. I truly don’t know…but it is very much what I suspect the truth is.

But we did connect some later on…toward the last few years. We couldn’t do much…but we did find ways to beat them…didn’t we? They didn’t really win…did they? Didn’t we beat them at their game…at least a little bit?

love you, tweetie. I’ll never forget you.

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