Dear Sis – 3

February 23, 2009

Hi, tweetie,

I am thinking of you…and wondering…if there was any safe way that you could have really gotten any help. I know that they did not want either of us to get help. My t said that the timing of your death caused her to wonder if it was not planned that way as a warning to me. I was breaking free. It breaks my heart to think that might have been the case. Yet, if it set you free from the bondage they had you in…

I don’t think that I will ever know the truth in this life. They are sure not about to volunteer the information, especially since it would incriminate them.

What is it like where you are at? Is Tippy there with you? How about my cats? Are you playing with them all? I hope so.

It is late here and I need to go.

I love you, sis.

Sure wish we could talk.

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