I’m Not the Only One!

March 5, 2009

I ran across an article today from the Sidran Institute website. It expresses some of the very same concerns that I have had, and more, regarding the “United States of Tara” TV show on Showtime.  Since it is someone else’s article, I will just give the link here.

Will Showtime Series The United States of Tara Promote Understanding or Misconceptions?
NSU psychology professor Steven Gold fears misperceptions from new TV series
By Esther Giller

One comment

  1. I watched all the episodes even though I was pretty disenchanted at first. The last two episodes let Tara know that she had a lot more work to do, that she didn’t become multiple in college. I was glad to see that.

    Yes, parts of it are extremely unrealistic, namely the switching. The whole idea of being multiple is to hide what’s going on inside, to look normal. And Tara sure doesn’t do that.

    I was upset that her husband, normally very compassionate, decided to go digging into her past on his own. If my DH had done that he would’ve been in big-time trouble.

    I will keep watching it, if only to see where it will go from here. While not 100% enthusiastic about the show, it does have some redeeming qualities.

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