I “Met” Someone Today – Divine Appointment?

March 20, 2009

I received a very interesting email today. It was from a woman named Margaret Jones. She was writing to say that she was going to have something she called a “virtual book tour”.  I had no idea what that was, but she piqued my interest, so I kept reading.

In the email, she said she was “arranging a 10 to 12 stop Virtual Book Tour” in April and wanted to know if I wanted this blog to be one of her stops. Hmm…now she definitely had my attention. How on earth do you stop by a blog on a virtual book tour? She mentioned several possible things that could happen on that day, but I had some difficulty understanding the logistics of it all. She did get my mind going, though, and I began to see at least some of the possible ways it could be beneficial to other survivors…which is what my blog is all about. It is my hope that I can, somehow, help others through my processing and through sharing  my experiences. If this virtual tour stop can also help, I am open.

Margaret had written a book about her abuse in the “church”. That is something I understand, so I followed the link to her book. It is called Not of My Making, with a subtitle of Bullying, Scapegoating and Misconduct in Mainline Churches. Now, I am painfully aware of spiritual abuse in groups that gather and call themselves “churches”, but I won’t bash the groups as a whole. There are good ones out there, even if they can sometimes be very difficult to find. So, one of my first thoughts was to find out where she was coming from. Was she simply sharing her experiences with a heart that wants to see this kind of stuff stopped and prevented (like me), or was she against all “church” groups?

I talked to her on the phone today and my initial impression was favorable. She is going to send me her book, which I will read and review here. Between our phone conversation and what  I have read online, she seems to genuinely want to use her experiences to help others. That is something I can really appreciate.

I have read everything I can find on her book, including the Amazon reviews. She told me that there were a couple that were a bit negative, but that is OK. Not everyone is going to understand why she wrote what she did. Her book is self published at Pluck Press. Her site explains a bit about who she is and where she is coming from. (It turns out that she is a therapist.) It also includes a link to her blog, which I have also read. I look forward to reading her book and continuing to read her blog.

I asked her “why my blog?” As it turns out, I responded to her email so quickly that she did not have a chance to even read my blog yet.  It was her assistant who found it via a search and figured that it would fit with her thinking. She plans to read it while she is gone on a business trip. I hope she finds something that blesses her and is useful in her own healing.

After she reads my blog and I read her book, we will know each other better and will have a better idea of what we can do together…if anything. She has never done this before, but it actually sounds very interesting. We have already tossed a couple of ideas around over the phone. I think it could be a lot of fun.

Was it accidental that my blog came up out of all the other survivor blogs out there? Was it, perhaps, a Divine appointment? I don’t know…yet. Time will tell. I try to stay as open as I can, in spite of my own betrayal by a therapist online. I am much wiser now, though.


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  5. Margaret’s first stop will be my blog. I haven’t had a chance to speak to her. I tried calling her but our schedules seem to conflict so I’ve never gotten a chance to speak to her.

    Like you, I was intrigued by the possibility and wondered why my blog was chosen especially since it’s not a blog devoted to spiritual abuse. I suppose her assistant found me because I do have a very strong secondary emphasis on spiritaul abuse and have written a number of blog posts on the subject.

    This is a topic that is being swept under the rug by institutional religion and my heart has been to let victims know that there’s a way out and that there’s freedom. Margaret will be writing a blog post for me and hopefully God will use this to bring people into greater freedom.

    • Hi, Aida, welcome to my blog. I popped on over to yours, but don’t have time to really check it out yet. I look forward to that!

      Yes, spiritual abuse is all too rampant. I have seen some of it myself and it can be devastating. I think the worst of it is that it is happening in the places that are supposed to be the safest of all!

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