When Lies Just Won’t Go Away

May 23, 2009

A friend of mine told me about a site where people were talking about a particular therapist. Some were saying she was great. Some were saying she was horrible and some were kind of in between. Now, all of that is fine. This was a place to be able to share your experiences with your therapist. In this particular instance, it was with this particular therapist.

I know this therapist. Many of the things pointed out by those who were either very negative or even moderately negative…I witnessed myself. Sadly…I experienced some of it myself…and more. I am SO glad that she was NOT my actual therapist, although I did call her state licensing board over the unprofessional and unethical behaviors she exhibited on her forum and off.

One thing that really struck me as I read what was written is how quickly those who like her attacked those who did not. That was unnecessary. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts about this therapist. There was no need for attacking. If your experienced was great and she helped you…fine…share that. If your experience was negative and she hurt you…fine…share that.

I have not joined in the “discussion”, however, some there did refer to me and my experiences with her. It is actually pretty entangled since what I was put through also involved one of her clients. Some who wrote were empathetic and felt for me. It was part of why they wrote negatively about her. Those who favor her did not like that…so they wrote all these lies about me.

Now, in all fairness, I do not think they know they are lies.  They are just regurgitating the same old stuff that they were fed back when I was there. I mean…after all…who wants to believe their therapist, who may have really helped them…could do such underhanded and, yes, even evil things…or at least been party to it via her client? I know it would be very difficult for me to accept…even devastating.

So, I cannot really fault the people who believe she is so great and that I am so evil. They have been lied to and deceived. However, attacking someone who tries to tell the other side of the story is just plain childish, immature and downright mean. Each one should have the freedom to state THEIR OWN EXPERIENCE with her. Several tried to do that. What happened with me effected others, too. When they tried to point out the truth at that time, they got attacked.

I like what one person wrote…that he was looking for a therapist for when he moved into the area. He wrote that, while the negative reviews gave him the creeps, it was the behaviors of her clients that really turned him off. He wrote that he felt their immaturity and acting like little children showed they had little respect for their therapist. It was her clients behavior that may have cost her a client.

It was difficult to read all these things written about me…the same old lies. Whatever happened to discussing the therapist? Several people wrote what they saw and what they experienced, but it was brushed aside as the focus seemed to really turn onto me. Not surprising seeing as how I was used to make her look really good. Oh, yeah…she “rescued” everyone from me. She, with all her experience, “saw through” me.

There are things, of course, that don’t make any sense…things those who favor this therapist are not asking themselves. If they did, they might begin to see how they were taken in. For example…if this therapist caught on so quickly to what I was about…why did she let me stay at her forum? Instead of letting me stay and pointing out things (behind the scenes) about me to them, why didn’t she just ban me? Why put her clients at risk by allowing me to stay there and connect with them? That makes no sense.

I actually tried several times to leave peaceably, but that was just not allowed. My husband finally put his foot down and told me to leave…period. My PTSD was raging and the whole thing was just getting more and more bizarre. I was being targeted and outright attacked on this therapist’s forum…and I kept wondering…where on earth is the therapist??? She was pretty much absent for periods of time. When she did finally come back…she did nothing to stop what was going on and I did not understand it. Emailing her about it did nothing but work against me. I finally left on my own with her owing me three months of forum dues that she never paid to me. Nor did she offer them to the two people I told her she could offer them to in place of returning them to me. I know this for fact.

This woman  acted unethically toward me in several ways, lied about me, stole at least three months of dues from me and was involved (along with one of her clients) with setting me up to be a fall guy. She (and her client)  had her forum moderators convinced that I was evil and out to control and purposely hurt others. Not a very nice therapist, huh? I did not think so, either.

The worst part in all of this is that someone (her client?) was impersonating me through Instant Messaging and trying to trigger suicide programming in some dear friends of mine. Another friend of mine stumbled upon this tactic, but it was before we knew what was going on with everyone else. This person had contacted her and she and I talked about. We even argued because I knew I had NOT written to her. We both just passed it off as some kind of wierd disagreement so we did not get the IM id being used.

This person would go for the littles who could be easily fooled into thinking it was me by using an IM id that was very close to mine (matching my email…but not matching the IM id I was really using). She told them horrible, evil things…coldhearted, mean things. It makes me angry to think of what she did to them.  She also, apparently, wrote emails in my name and even made phone calls. The amazing thing is that I did not even know the full names of some of these people…or where they lived. I did not have their phone numbers.

So dear friends of mine were seriously hurt…some of them ending up in the hospital…or worse…and they were convinced that I had done it to them…even though they knew it did not line up at all with what they knew of me. I had known some of these women for a couple of years and had even met one of them in person. With only a couple of exceptions…each one no longer believes it was me…for which I am grateful.

Another thing not being looked at is that the cults all use different programming. Yes, there are some similarities, but there are also many differences. It makes no sense that one person could use “code words”, etc. designed to trigger in so many different ones. I never got to see the IM’s, but someone who did told me that the wording was identical in each one. That made no sense. You would need different wording in each one. In fact, that was one of the things that clued her in to the fact that it was probably a setup.

Another factor is that I was supposed to be physically accessing someone when I have witnesses for where I was. I cannot be in two places at one time, especially when those two places are several states apart. But you know what I find really scary? The client of this therapist who I supposedly physically accessed was shown photos by the therapist of several women. The client was asked to pick out who amongst the photos accessed her. She picked one out and was told it was me.

Now, clearly it was NOT me since I was several states away. I wonder, though, since it WAS a picture of whomever DID do the accessing…HOW did this therapist have a picture of her? I don’t know about anyone else…but THAT is pretty scary to me. She has a photo of whomever really did the accessing and she lies and says it is me…even though I have witnesses as to my whereabouts. In fact, there are security guards amongst those witnesses.

Will I write anything at this place? I am tempted to…but in reality it would not do any good anyway. I think it would only stir things up. Some of those hurt already know the truth. The others are probably not ready for it. Yahweh knows the truth. I know the truth. My family and my former therapist know the truth. Isn’t that all that is really important anyway?

I really feel for all who have been used and deceived by this therapist. I feel even more for all who have been, and are being, hurt by her still.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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