May 27, 2009

Sometimes…miracles really do happen.

Sometimes…we get to see them when they happen.

Sometimes…Yahweh moves in such a way as to clearly remind us that He really is still in control.

Sometimes…I can see Him to the degree that I am so humbled…and so in awe.

Sometimes…I can see how much I am really loved…

in spite of my weaknesses

in spite of my failings

in spite of my humanness

in spite of my brokenness

in spite of _____

just because

He has decided to!

Today has been one of those kinds of days. Shaky…yet awesome. Tired…yet touched.

I will always praise Him…both in the good times and in the hard…both when I “feel” like it and when I don’t.

He is good and there is none like Him…NONE!


  1. Thank you for posting this. I know that as someone who has been abused, it is hard for me to hold out hope for dreams. It’s so much safer to just not hope. I decided to start a private forum for people who have been abused in the same way I have (by pastors or other spiritual leaders) and it has taken a lot of hope to beleive something good can grow there. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Hi, Jennifer, I know how tempting it can be to not hope, but never give up. I think it is awesome that you started a private forum. I have received much support and healing through interactions on forums. Just be cautious and always pray. You will see good coming out of it! Blessings to you. You are welcome to write to me anytime if you think I can further encourage you.

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