November 9, 2009

I ran into a therapist back in 2005 who was very unethical. Between her and her clients, I was put through hell on her online forum.

Well, I found out a couple of months or so ago, that some of her clients were filing complaints against her. And not just her clients, but even another very reputable therapist is filing a complaint on behalf of several of her former clients. Apparently, they went to him after they left her and what they shared with him about her methods so concerned him that he felt he had to file.

I was asked to write something up to at least include with their complaints. I was not sure about it at first, but I did finally start working on something. I think I finally have it finished now. I still need to fill out the forms, get it copied and mail it in. It has already been emailed to a friend who was a partial witness to make sure it makes sense.

Truth always wins in the end. Even if it does not reign victorious right now…eventually it will. She will either answer in this life or the next for what she has done. It is my prayer that she will get her life right with our Creator and that she will stop harming people.


  1. Wow,

    How a therapist could hurt someone is beyond my way of thinking. Don’t people go into that profession to actually “help” other people?

    I don’t know; sometimes people with PTSD can learn more from others with the same problems. Not so much that misery likes company, but you find out that your own behavior isn’t so out of whack because trauma is forcing so many others to seek help. Both men and women for a lot of different reasons.

    Reading about acts of healing and how to help others can, in itself, help us. But only if we face up to our condition. I keep trying every day, having some little successes here and there, knowing I’ll probably have this devil called PTSD with me for the duration of my tour here on Planet Earth.

    good luck,

    Michael J

    • Thanks for responding, Michael.

      “Wow” is right! I suspect this therapist is meeting a need of her own. Perhaps it is a need to be important and/or to feel needed and/or to control others. Who knows?

      I just know that someone should not be a therapist if they have not dealt with their own stuff sufficiently. Not that therapists have to have it completely together…no one does. But they should have it together enough that they are not seeking to meet their needs through their clients.

      Sadly, she is becoming more and more known across the internet. People are not seeing the side of her that I, and others, have seen.

      Thankfully, I was never a direct client of hers. I was just a member on her “therapeutic” forum.

      I have learned a lot and receive a lot of support from fellow survivors. There is definitely a benefit in that…as you have pointed out.

      I, too, wonder about having PTSD for the rest of my life. I have found that it does actually get better…if things like this don’t happen to get it all going again!

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  3. […] Finally! by onesurvivor […]

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