I Feel – Poem

April 6, 2010

In Triggers and Blow-ups and Talking About Things, I wrote about feeling like I have to hide. The following poem, written in February of 2009, reflects some of that feeling.

I Feel

Trapped. Trapped. Deep inside.
It feels like I have to hide.

The very truest part of me
is tied into a box you see,
always remaining on the shelf,
always covering my core self.

Some are living their lives outside
in a world so vast and wide.
There are others who are caught
in space internal – the land of naught.

A puzzle with pieces you can’t see,
you’ll never meet the whole of me.
With pieces not allowed to show,
I’ve pieces with no place to go.

It feels like I have to hide.
Trapped. Trapped. Deep inside.

copyrighted 2009


  1. This poem really speaks to me. I have felt this so many times. Thanks for sharing this.

    We have a poetry category for The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse if you feel like you’d like to join us sometime. Details, a widget and a submission link are always at my blog. Thanks for considering it.

  2. Thanks, Marj. I did not know there was a poetry section. 🙂

  3. Wow! This is really what it’s like for me! Thank you for sharing this. I’m saving it to my “favorite posts” bookmarks…

    • It saddens me that you feel this way, Paul…but I sure do understand.

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