Changing a Title and Some Frustrating News

April 28, 2010

Sometimes, when we write posts, at the bottom there will appear two or three links to “related posts”. Now…imagine writing a post about an unethical therapist. Imagine looking in the “possibly related posts” that automatically show at the bottom of your post and seeing one that links to a blog written by one of the therapist’s forum moderators! I have no control over what links show there.

I recently wrote a post and discovered to my horror that very thing. One of the links went to a post written on a blog by someone who I have been told is one of KB’s forum moderators. I had read her post previously and also checked out a few other posts. The way she writes about others is just plain rude, mean and spiteful. Then again…considering who her therapist is…I guess I really shouldn’t expect anything else, should I?

Anyway, the LAST thing I want is to lead people to her or her therapist. So, I changed the title of the post. Well…that didn’t do it. The related links kept coming up. Then I realized that simply changing the title would not do it if I left the link unchanged. So, I changed the link, too. That did it. Then I thought…well…let’s put the title back to what it was, but leave the link changed and see what happens. Bingo!

Now it no longer is connected to such an awful blog. Yay! I have shown that particular post to others to give them an idea of what I was up against with KB. They read it and were absolutely appalled, too.

Anyway…we got some discouraging news today regarding our fence. It appears that the laws are weird and we the best thing we can do may be to acquiesce to the neighbors wishes. *sigh* I guess this is just another one of life’s lessons. I have to work through my feeling of powerlessness. We have more information to get, but it is not looking good. Our neighbor appears to have us over a barrel.


  1. Glad you were able to unlink from the blog- interesting information, I haven’t seen the related links, I’ll have to see what mine come up as!

    I understand how it is to feel powerless against what someone else decides.

    • Thanks. I’m glad, too. Not every post has them. I think they pull words from your title link and maybe from your tags, etc. to find possible related links. I know they seem to try to pull from your blog first. That post now has no links where it used to have three. I hate to lose the other two, but it is worth it to get rid of the third.

  2. Hi there,
    just landed on this post from the other I was commenting on – I think you can remove other links at the bottom of posts by going into settings>extras and ticking “hide related posts” is this what you mean?
    Best of luck!

    • Hi, WG. Yeah…I could do that…however, that means it would shut off the good related links. I would prefer to adjust my wording to get rid of the “bad” one. I have noticed that it seems to try to pull related links from my own postings first and then goes outside. I think. Ticking that would also mean that my blog won’t show up on others’ related links, either…which I am not sure I want. Thanks for the suggestion.

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