So Many Good Bloggers…and So Little Time!

May 16, 2010

There are so many interesting bloggers out there…so much good real-life writing to read. Alas…there is only so much time in a day…a day that I share with others in offline life. So, even though I have blogs listed in the sidebars of  my blogs, I don’t have the time to keep up with them all.

They are in my sidebar because I feel they are of value…the authors have something important to share and it is worth reading when I can. I hope that having them in my sidebar will also encourage others to check them out.

What an amazing world we live in where so many can share of their hearts with so many others. I cannot count the times I have grown through hearing someone else’s perspective…or simply not felt so alone through reading someone’s else’s experiences. I like to encourage others just as I have been (and am being) encouraged.

Viva la Internet!


  1. Exactly! I’ve been trying to catch up on the blogs I have on my must-read list, but I keep adding more. I keep adding books to my TBR list, too. I’ll never catch up, but I’m thankful for an abundance of good reading.

  2. Just today I have converted my main blogroll to googlereader in an attempt to keep up, but mostly I am reminded of who to keep up with based on my comments, which is lazy but inevitable!

    Honoured to be on your blog roll.


    • When I see comments, it reminds me to check out my friends’ blogs…although time is still a factor. But I do try to give those who comment top priority when trying to catch up a bit. Another thing that tends to trigger a go “look and see” is when I see that someone came from another person’s blog. It is amazing how many times that will happen and I will end up seeing a blog I did not even know existed…but there I am on their blog roll. I am honored to be included in so many people’s lists. The more there are of us…the greater the likelihood that we will be able to support another and that we will read the very thing we need at just the best time. I like being part of that healing process. 🙂

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