Checkin’ In Again…

May 28, 2010

Just checking in really quickly here before I shut down for bed. It is really difficult to write in this environment. I keep getting interrupted and then it is almost as if I have switched and am no longer engaged in whatever it is I was writing. It is not that I don’t agree with it…I do. It is more like I have lost steam and somehow no longer am able to piece it all back together again…especially if there was already quite a bit of editing. Interruptions tend to do that to me.

The last few couple of days I have also found it difficult to focus…period. I have been a bit antsy and really feeling the strain of the living situation. I have gotten outside more…which is good. I have also managed to get some things done…good things that should help the situation a bit. I have also run up against a new health issue that makes it more difficult to stay seated at my PC. It is nothing serious…but it could be if I ignore it. So, I am getting up…being more active…and determined to lose this extra weight I have put on…which is also due largely to this living situation.

This has been effecting me in so many ways…mentally, emotionally and physically. I keep waiting to get into a house to take care of some things. I can no longer afford to do that. I am determined to take care of myself. Hence, I am being more active. Having our A/C back on helps, too.

I managed to get my art work dug out. Now I just need a place to go through it all and get some photos. It will probably mean going into town. There is a room I can use where I can spread it all out. Or…I just wrote to a friend about going to their place for a day or two. They have a room with good light and I would be able to take breaks and not be concerned about having to pick it all back up or be concerned about being walked in on…seeing as how this artwork is therapeutic/healing art…not for everyone’s eyes.

Anyway…just posting really quickly here. It is time to turn out the light. Ugh! Not that I am ready…but my situation pretty much forces me into it. *sigh*

Take care, everyone. I’ll be back soon.

Oh, and Father’s Day is coming. Have I shared how much I HATE Father’s Day? It is right up there with Mother’s Day!


  1. So, I hate father’s day too. All of the various ones in my life suck for one reason or another. But I was thinking of finding a way to shift my focus on that day. Perhaps I can hold my own ritual of gratitude for every older man who has been amazing in my life. Whether that be a professor or whatever. Maybe I can just give thanks for the many children who have good fathers and be grateful for them.

    This all sounded good a few days ago. Today I’m all like, ‘That’s stupid. I hate the day and that’s the end.”

    • Oh, Sheena, I think those are wonderful ideas! Not to ignore your own pain, but to celebrate the beauty that you CAN find in some good fathers and father figures. They are out there and deserve cheering on.

      I just may use some of those ideas myself. Although, I do have a wonderful father-in-love through my husband. That is nice…even though he is so far away.

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