Day One…

June 8, 2010

My hosts have left on their trip and I am alone in the log house. We started off with a nice breakfast before they left. After breakfast, I was able to get online. Woohoo!

All my art pieces that I have with me are laid out all around the floor in date order. Several that are from the same date are stacked. They are not all “visible” because I put taped paper covers on some of my art pieces to keep them from smearing and getting onto other pieces. It is a good thing they have a BIG area downstairs. For a non-artist, it is amazing how much artwork I actually have. And this does not include my collages done in Word or my Wordle projects! Wow!

Here is a picture of the beginning and the end of the lineup. It starts in front of the door along the wall. There are at least 13 stacks with two or more pieces.

Here is the middle part.

Now I need to go back and make more art visible. I am going to divide it up by years first…and then probably by type. I am putting categories on 3×5’s. I am also going to make a 3×5 for each piece…although I am not sure if I will get that done while I am here or not. The biggest thing is to photograph as many as I can…hopefully with some good light.


  1. You seem to be expanding joyously! Enjoy your time, and good luck.

    • It was a wonderful time of expanding, Meredith. Some day, I hope to be able to spend time alone to expand more. Most of the first two days were spent focusing on getting the artwork in order and cataloged. The third day, which was much shorter…I did spend a bit more time expanding. I’ll write more about that soon.

      • Thank you for taking some shots of the your layout process and sharing them with us. This is just great! I was thinking about you early, early this morning while I putting the coffee on, wondering if you had a joy-filled experience… and if you felt the awe and reverence of being able to fully take in the wonder of your talent.

        Thank you for letting me know. I’m so happy for you. I’m excited to read more in the coming days. I love to hear about art in bloom.

        All the best,


  2. This is amazing. You are not a “non-artist.” You are an artist. I wish I could interview you for my Artist Series I started called Shiva’s Muse but I know your privacy is important. But I would love to know more about your art and all the why’s.

    • I use the term “non-artist” from the perspective of where my talents lie. Perhaps I should change that. I am creative, but my talents do not lie in traditional “art”, per se. That is what I am trying to communicate. The idea is to draw in others who feel they have no talent in “art” and show them that they can still do a LOT!

      I am going to rethink my wording.

    • Sheena…I have checked out the artists you are sharing. Although I am honored that you would want to include me…there is no way I believe I am anywhere nearly as talented as those people! 🙂

  3. Beautiful! You reflect your Creator so well….in the image of an Artist you are made. ❤

    • That is true, QD. I AM made in the image of an Artist…the Ultimate Artist! I know we all have creative abilities somewhere. I hope I can encourage others to use theirs. 🙂

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