Day Two…later…

June 9, 2010

All my art pieces that I have with me (which is almost all) are photographed. I will have to redo some of them, but am too tired to think about it. Thankfully, my webinar has been moved back to its original date of August 21. Yay!

I have also made up 3×5 index cards for each piece, including the pieces that are on my PC…all except my Wordle pieces. I am not done with the index cards. I need to add notes and quite a few of them have cross outs that I would like to clean up. Out of a pack of 200 cards, I have probably used between 150 and 175…leaning toward 175. Wow!

I have numbered each piece physically (or the file name) and put that number on the cards and on the photos of the pieces. That will make it easier to find things. They are in date order. I numbered them in such a way as to allow for additions in case I discover later I missed something.

I still need to go back and copy a lot of the notes that are on the backs of the pieces onto the cards. I also need to put some notes on the photo files. I won’t be doing that tonight and I doubt that I will tomorrow, either.

Tomorrow I am going to wash the sheets and remake the bed and clean at least one bathroom. I am blessed to be able to stay here and want to give back.

I won’t be able to work with anything in our living situation. I will probably have to go to the library or someplace else where I can spread out a little bit. But at least I have another two months before I give my webinar. I can breathe.

It is going to be interesting to pick the pieces to share. I want to show different ways of using art for healing. Thing is…almost everything I do is  new in some way. I rarely replicate things. It will be fun, though!

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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