My Healing Art Blog…

June 21, 2010

I put my first piece of artwork up on my Healing Art Blog. Not that it is my first piece of art ever…just the first healing art piece that I am putting up. I hope to add more pieces over time.

I am uncertain whether to simply put them up and let them stand-alone. Or…to add notes to them. I could share mediums and methodology. I could share what was going on inside when I did them (if I remember, that is). I could share what I was hoping to accomplish and anything else that comes to mind. Or…I can just let them stand-alone.

I could really use some feedback on that.

In the sidebar on the right is the link to my Healing Art blog…if anyone is interested. I am thinking of starting one with poetry, too. Any thoughts on that? Any interest?


  1. I love both ideas. Any particular reason that you want the art separate from the poetry. Why not have both together? Poetry is art. Or have two. I love having a billion blogs. 🙂

    • Thanks, Sheena. I just might combine them. It’s an idea. 🙂

  2. leave ’em unposted until you feel the Spirit move you to write about . . .

    Congratulations, by the way.

    michael j

    • Thank you, michael. I am just kind of following my heart right now. What I am writing is what I wrote on the backs of the original pieces…or at least some of it. I wish I had written more, though, because as time has passed and I have healed and changed…some of what I did…what it meant…sort of got lost. So, I am looking inside for some insight. I believe it is in there somewhere, but I have trust the answers that I “sense”.

  3. Good luck on the healing art blog. Why did you decide to separate them?? I’ll RSS read the other!! Thank!

    • I think the reason I am separating the art from the main blog is so that people who just want to see that…can. That does not mean that I will never have any art in this blog, but seeing it all together in another blog, I think, gives it a bit more fluidity? I don’t know. I am just kind of following my heart and trying to figure out what I will do. As for the poetry, I am seriously considering mixing it in with the art. Right now, I am kind of just putting all the art up in date order. If I put the poetry in, I might want to insert it so the dates line up, too. But then…people might miss new postings because they will show up in the past. Ack! Did that make sense? LOL Sometimes, I am TOO orderly…TOO organized! I want everything to be “perfect”! MY version of perfect, of course!

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