What Do You Think?…

July 1, 2010

I have been playing around with the theme…obviously. What do you all think? I changed the dark blue to the green. I have no control over the colors of the text…unfortunately. So that limits what I can realistically do with the background. I kind of like, but am not really sure what I think…yet. It is SO different from what I had previously. Too much change?


  1. Thanks for asking my opinion. Creating my blog has set off every one in my system to the point I think I screwed up where everyone posts…I’m so …anyway I don’t even know if your notified when I reply to your comments.

    Yes, I like your color change, easier on the eye…and no…not too much change. Huh! what a question…”too much CHANGE.” That’s all I’ve been doing for the past 4 hours, changing/switching…i’ve got a headache…

    • Thanks, Kris. Every so often, I try something new and different for a theme. It will notify me of your replies IF I checked the box when I posted where it asked me if I wanted to be notified. (I did!) 🙂

  2. I would like my blog to have the same setup you have…where your post and my response is shown on the same page…but even though I use my pc & laptops for research everyday, I am still pc challenged as to how to work new sites…

    • If you hit “reply” to a comment…it will show up on the same page as that comment. If you want it to indent a little to show it as a response, you go into your dashboard settings. Go to Settings > Discussion. Then look at “Enable threaded (nested) comments.” You get to choose how far in you want the nesting to go. Hope that helps.

  3. This theme is easier on the eye as mentioned above. But I don’t know. It’s missing something all the other’s had. Like it needs a bit more.

    • I agree, Sheena. When you can’t do your own site, you are limited to what they have to offer and I just don’t have the time to play around with much more. I will look again in the future. What you see now is not actually what I had when I posted that post. LOL

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