Webinar & Stresses

July 28, 2010

I am using an old backup laptop that is very slow. Twice the video driver has decided it won’t work right. So, then I have to reboot. I am limited as to what I can keep open simultaneously, so I have to open and close programs to check my emails, blogs, FB, etc.

Yesterday, I spent several hours working on my Webinar presentation. I still have so much to do and, with the two best laptops both off on warranty issues, I am wondering what computer I will use during the Webinar. It just might be the loaner my hubby is using because I sure can’t take a chance on the video driver going out on this one in the middle of the Webinar.

This is my first time making a power point presentation, so that is also adding to my stress level. I have it pretty much figured out…but I am frustrated by the fact that I cannot set some defaults to save me some time. I am using Open Office and maybe the MS program has something Open Office does not. Or maybe I am just too unfamiliar with the program to get it figured out. I did get to upload what I had already worked on into the dimdim site and play around with it. Thank you, Bonnie, for that help! So now I can at least rest easy on that. I know how it will work.

Still…there is so much to do between now and August 21. I know I will get it done. It is just extra challenging on this laptop. I am still working on picking out specific art pieces and I still need to get my notes off of some of them. And there are some life issues going on that are rather triggering for me. OK…never mind that. As usual…I am understating. I am going to break through the hiding and cover-ups and say that I am VERY triggered. My PTSD has been a battle for months now and it is really soaring right now.

Interrupting this blog post with a bulletin: I just lost it with my husband…who is also under a lot of stress due to our living situation. He is trying to understand, but sometimes it feels so hopeless. I know he loves me…I don’t doubt that. I know that things will get better when we leave this living situation, but I also know that it will bring another set of challenges. I know that because I have been there before. But at least I will be able to hide more easily if I need to do so.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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