Blogs and Bookmarks and Other Stuff…

August 8, 2010

The last time I changed laptops, I lost the tabs on some blogs I was following. I forgot to bookmark them. I tried to do some searches, but cannot locate the blogs…and I don’t remember where I first found them.

I have been so on edge lately…even more forgetful and overwhelmed. It is difficult to keep track of more than I absolutely have to. I have been pulling back from some things and taking care of myself.

The other day, I got to speak with my former therapist from across the country. I sure wish I could speak with her more frequently. I miss having someone with whom to regularly debrief…someone who understands me and knows me very well…someone who knows my issues and my history…someone who is level-headed and of the same belief system as me. She is really good and I know I can trust her.

What I really wish for, though, is the ability to talk with someone face to face…in person…every week. I so miss that. When I feel edgy, it can be difficult to open up to anyone…but I can often write…or do art. I am going to try to work on both.

Part of what I am dealing with right now is the realization that there are certain things in my life that may never change. There are things I have no control over…and those things affect me. I must work on accepting them…somehow working around them and with them.


  1. I miss my therapist too! Especially lately.

    • Sending you hugs, Sheena. I sure know how that can be.

  2. You’ve got some tough things going on here, and my empathy is of little help! However, my prayer for you may be of greater significance! 😉

    • All prayer is appreciated. Thank you.

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