I Have Decided…

August 15, 2010

I am thinking of going through my art blog and putting my art pieces in date order. That means that I will be inserting some of them. When I do, though, I will post here with the links so that people can find the new ones. Actually, what I will probably do is post them in the current and then change the posting date to get them in order. I don’t know. Do I sound confused? *laughing*

Anyway, I put up another piece of art and some poems. 1730 — Betrayed

As I Lay Me Down to Sleep

For Me…For Him

Who Gets Me Through?

I wonder of I should put my poems in date order? Any thoughts?


  1. I really like your poems. Yes, I would put them in order just because it’s nice to see how you evolve over time. Also I’ve been reading your blog from the beginning and am just in awe at your spirit. I am so thankful that Jesus saved you even though I am saddened to read at the pain you went through. I used to work as a therapist and worked with several clients who were sexually abused during their childhood and one who was SRA. Several of them had DID. Thank you for being couragous to share your life with us.

    • Thank you, Gloria. I have so many poems that it is difficult to even know from what date to start sharing. I will figure something out, though. Right now, the art webinar I am giving this Saturday is taking precedence. 🙂

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