More Art Up and Moving Soon?

September 30, 2010

Well…I got a few more pieces up on the art blog. At some point, I will probably go back and add more commentary to some of the pieces. For now…I am just pleased that I actually got more pieces up. There are many more to go.

A place to live is slowly coming together for us. It does give me hope that we will be out of this tiny space in time for this winter. There is still SO much to get done. I am so hoping for it. I know that the one who is in charge is really pushing hard to help us out.

I actually talked to my parents on the phone. THAT was an experience. I am still processing it. Phew! Father did not really say much. Mother and I mostly talked. I have NO idea where this will go, but so far…it is OK. I am proceeding cautiously and keeping my boundaries up. I won’t pretend, but I am willing to work around things as much as possible.

They do not know where we are and I feel NO obligation to tell them. In fact, it feels really good to not feel I MUST share anything with them. It used to be that my programming would kick in and I would feel as if I HAD to share whatever it was I was being asked about. I was an information machine. Not any more. My mother asked me about my location and I was silent. I moved on to a different subject.

She brought it up again later and, at the same time, said she would not ask again. She said that, since I had not answered the first time, that she would not bring it up again if I did not answer the second time…that it was obvious I did not want her to know. She went on to say something about how she was not going to come to my place or anything…not that she even could. I just did not bite. It was really cool because it HAD NO EFFECT! I was not triggered! I did not feel manipulated. I pretty much just responded to her and shared cautiously.

It did take me a while after the phone call to process things…but that is OK. Although I do not know what is coming, I feel pretty good about where I am now…about how strong I am. Woohoo!

I am finishing up this post by sharing that I can see two beautiful deer out my window. I love it! I have also seen some chipmunks lately.

Until next time…I hope you are all doing well!


  1. Don’t know which sounds better, the deer or the chipmunks. Nice to comfort a person looking out their window to see such beauty in nature . . .

    michael j

    • I love seeing the nature outside my window!

  2. Hi, girl. Just wanted to send a note… nothing, really to say. Just felt the need to come stand by you.

    P.S. Stay away from your parents (okay. in my opinion… you deserve joy. lots and lots of joy…)

    Thanks for Being. So glad you are here.


    • Aww…thanks, Meredith. You must have known that I need a word hug (which you gave)!

      Your opinion regarding my parents is duly noted. I am not sure how it is going to go. We will see.

      I am glad that you are here, too. 🙂

  3. By the way, I’m so happy your home is coming together!


    • I hope it gets done soon. I am really feeling the stress of this living space…especially right now as I am not feeling well and there is no place to…well…to ANYthing!

  4. I just have a feeling you’re going to have everything you need. I hope you can find a safe place to “not feel well.” I understand what that means.

    A safe cocoon for you from me… and a heartfelt hug. I get it in so many ways. I’m back with my therapist for a week of intensive work, learning, learning, learning…


    • I hope your week of intensive work is going well!

  5. I cut ties with my family for 10 years and it was not until a few years ago I resumed contact. It is very very different now. My dad and I actually have a relationship now 🙂 My mom and I are civil and that’s about it. My sister and I are still working on getting on track but making progress I think to think. It does feel good to set boundaries and be able to hold them- keep it up 🙂

    • Hi, undercoverdid. I am not sure where this is going with my parents. I need to blog about it, but have not had time. I will have to come back to this…soon, I hope!

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