Update and a Bad Therapist…

November 12, 2010

I am doing OK. Our new dwelling is coming along…which keeps me very busy. I got some news recently and have been debating about whether or not to share it here.

Some of you, especially those who know me fairly well, know about KB…a very unethical therapist that I ran up against. I am not talking about someone who simply was not good for me…or who was a bad fit for me. I am talking about someone who has lied, stolen and hurt people…seriously hurt people.

Several complaints were filed against her by some of her former clients. I know of three. One is from someone who was on her forum the same time I was. Another (which I have read) was from someone who got to know her a couple of years later. A third one I know of is actually a group of them filing together. Three different people wrote me to tell me that she is supposed to lose her license based upon a complaint that was heard last Friday.

The TX license board told me that they cannot affirm yet whether it was recommended that her license be revoked. But they did tell me that, in that case, she will get a letter notifying her and that she will be able to appeal it via either an informal hearing or a formal hearing. It could take up to a year for her to lose her license…assuming she does not win her appeal.

I pray that she does not hurt anyone else during that time.


  1. It is scary that she can continue to see her clients (online and face-to-face) while the year long process is underway.

    I asked the TX licensing board for all public records, to see what the final outcome was, but I don’t think I’ll be sent them due to being overseas. That’s despite her also acting unethically towards me as well.

    I’m glad you are now free of her. I hope this latest move helps to validate your negative experiences with her.

    Take care,

    • Hi, CG,

      Yeah…it is kinda scary that it could take that long. I asked if having other complaints would make a difference or speed things up. All she could tell me was that she had the right to appeal just like anyone else. The woman I spoke with at the board meeting that Friday, but she said she was not sure what, exactly, she was permitted to say at that point. She did not deny anything I said.

      I am saddened that she acted unethically toward you as well. No one deserves that.

      Yes, this move does validate my experiences with her. I would still really like it, though, if those who were there when I was there would tell me what they know…affirm what I have heard. So much was done in secret…behind the scenes. Grrrr! I pray that she loses all the way around…not because I wish her ill. I don’t. But just because I don’t want her to hurt anyone else.

      • I experienced only minor breaches… manipulation is probably the best way to describe it. Thankfully I wasn’t targeted by any of her supporters, I know others who have, and was stunned by the venom shown.

        I understand what you’re saying about not wanting her to hurt anyone else…

        Take care,

  2. It will be a good day for survivors of abuse when her license is revoked. She does not deserve to be treating (read: hurting) us.

    • So true, Paul. I pray that she does not win an appeal. I know that I will probably never get validation for the things she did to me, but it would be good to at least see her not able to practice and hurt more people. I feel for her current clients, though. They are going to have to deal with this, too.

  3. We are sorry you had bad T. We may know who it is cuz our friend was hurt by a T in Dallas area with initials KB. She does online stuff too. It’s not okay.

    ((((Safe virtual hugs if ok))))

    Cassi & All

    • Hi, Cassie & All, thank you for stopping by…and thank you for the virtual hugs. They are very much OK…and appreciated. Yep…I would say that is most likely the same one and no…it is NOT OK for her to do that! I hope your friend is OK. *sigh* It is terrible when someone who is supposed to be helping people is hurting them instead.

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