Recovered Memory Project…

January 6, 2011

I recently found the Recovered Memory Project. They have been around since 1995, but they came up with a new format back in September. On their site, they explain the history of the project and their goals.

They have archives filled with cases of proven, corroborated memory recall cases. There is all kinds of information as to their resources, etc. This is the answer to the FMSF.

It is an interesting site and I encourage everyone to check it out. Some of the cases they highlight are ones where the FMSF tells only part of the story…the part that SEEMS to back up their claims. They conveniently leave out the parts that show what a sham they are.

I am considering sharing some of their posts from time to time. Not enough people realize just how valid recovered memory can be. There is recognition that it is possible for memories to be false. However, it is dangerous to fall into an extreme on either end…assuming that all “recovered” memories are true or that none are true. The middle is more where the truth lies.


  1. Recovered memories, and memories “forced” on one are two-edge swords. For me, “recovered memories” come slowly, connectively. “Forced” memories are thrust upon one without preparation, understanding, or processing…they are just put out there, raw, mean, disturbing. My alters seem to get a thrill out throwing out what they remember, but I don’t. It’s like having someone, unseen throw bombs thrown at you only to have them hit and splatter against a glass wall that seperates you from the bomb thrower. You feel the new memories, but the glass wall prohibits you from understanding, processing them b/c there is no connection, no context. You are just left with the unrealted pain and disgust. After a while, you ask, why go on, why remember? Emotional guilt builds and you just want it all to stop. Why tell me all this stuff now? It’s like a chineese water torture…drip, drip, drip, and sooner rather than later, you just can’t take it anymore.

  2. That sounds really hard, Kristinelil. I hope that your alters will begin to understand that it is best to work together on the sharing of memories and that context and processing are important, too. It isn’t good to just dump splashes of things on people.

    On the other hand, are you sure you not simply experiencing flashbacks? Are you sure it is coming from your alters? Flashbacks are hard, but perhaps you can try asking your alters if they can help you out when it happens. Perhaps, they can help put the flashbacks into a context. I sure hope so.

    I offer safe hugs, if you want them.

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