Expressive Arts Carnival #7…

February 5, 2011

Paul at Mindparts has posted the Expressive Arts Carnival #7. You can see all the entries here. The subject is “Self-Portrait”.

I recently bought myself a sketch book, hoping to get back into doing physical pieces. As I thought about what I might like to do, I realized two things. One is that I was running out of time. The other was that I have several pieces that could be considered self-portraits. So, I really needed to look at the ones I had to see if I felt that any of them was something I wanted to submit to this carnival.

The piece I chose was actually part of a set. The set starts here with the Main System Collage. Then there is a subset series of collages that represent different aspects of myself. The last collage in the series is called “Woman With Dreams”. I chose this one for the Carnival because of what it expresses: hope. I have notes for each one except this one. I wonder if that is because dreams are always changing on some level and I did not want to lock into anything? Whatever my dreams are for my life, at any given moment, I believe they may be reflected on some level within this collage.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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