So…Why DO I Blog?…

March 1, 2011

I have been giving this some thought lately…especially since my time is so limited. Why blog? Why bother? I can think of lots of reasons why people in general blog…but why do “I” blog? I have several blogs, but I am limiting this post to my survivor blogs…of which I have three.

One reason is to be able to feel like someone out there is reading…someone is hearing me…someone is accepting me and my reality.

Another reason is that I hope that others will find some benefit in what I write…which, of course, won’t happen if I am NOT writing! I hope that, as I share my story and my life, someone will see his/herself and find hope.

It is also cathartic. There is something about getting my thoughts out on “paper” that helps me move forward. And the idea that someone might actually be reading it…even better.

Hmmm…why else do I blog? I think it helps me to order my thoughts. Sometimes things are swirling around in my mind and writing them out helps me to organize them a bit and put them in proper perspective.

Sometimes it is an emotional release. Things are pent-up inside and I just need to get them OUTside of me. Blogging helps. If I only write…they sort of get outside, but really they feel as if they are still stuck inside my little world. When I blog, they REALLY get outside…to another world. I cannot really explain why, but it feels different.

I think that some of it, too, is that I miss being able to go to talk with someone every week…to be able to have a debrief session where I can get affirmation and ideas. Of course, that does not really happen on the blog unless I get comments…which I seldom do.

So…are comments important? They can be. I admit that it would be nice to see more comments. It is nice to know that people are reading. It is nice to know if I am striking a chord with someone…if they are relating…or if something I write is helping someone. Of course, there are also stats that tell me people are reading…and that is sufficient.

Then there is the fact that I do enjoy writing. Of course, I don’t want to write simply to write. I want to write something worth reading. I want to write with purpose.

There are also my art blog and my poetry blog. I hope to catch up with getting my art uploaded so that I can focus more on my poetry blog.

Every person has a story to tell. Through my art, my poetry and this blog, I hope to tell my story. Maybe it will help someone.


  1. Comments are an affirmation that you count, that you’re being heard. It’s really true. But none of us really know why some posts hook a response and others don’t.

    For me, I find it to be a balancing act between reading, responding, and writing. Sometimes, I have to look out on my life through other windows with different views… and so I work in the yard, or take time away from my blog.

    I think it’s hard not to internalize days without comments or days when stats seem to reject me, but it’s not personal. You know? The quality and/ or the value of your thoughts and expressions is not defined by numbers… but everybody needs hugs.

    (((best wishes)))


    • I chuckled when I read your comment, Meredith. You almost always make me smile. Yep…everybody needs hugs. Here are some back for you, my friend.


      Boy are you right about it being a balancing act! I try not to get stuck in one mode for too long.

      I hear you about needing to look through other windows at times. I think that is well put. It is important to take those breaks. I just need to be careful not to break too long from writing…given the reasons why I write.

      I don’t really know that the lack of comments and/or stats on a given day bothers me much. There were times, off and on, when I did find myself feeling disappointed…especially when I would see these really big dialogues going on in other places. However, that is when I need remind myself of WHY I blog. Interaction and feedback IS really nice, but it isn’t everything. It is just a part of a bigger picture.

      There is something I notice, too. Just about the time when I wonder if I should even keep blogging, something will happen that shows me that I really am making a difference in the world around me. I will get a comment or an email from someone that lets me know I should keep going. It is nice when that happens.

      One thing about stats…the numbers don’t have to be big. When I look at my stats, there is a fairly consistent readership. It goes up and down and it might not be the same people all the time. It can also be people who stumble onto the blog and it is not for them. But the thing is…there are always page views happening. And that does not even count the people who read via email subscription. Somehow…some way…my words are useful to some others out there in the world.

      Even if it were just one person reading it would be worth sharing…because every single person is important. Which, of course, is why it is so hard to not be able to read everyone else! They are all important! 🙂

      Thanks for coming by…and for sharing your thoughts!

  2. It definitely makes a difference….your writing and sharing your heart and life this way.

    I am often surprised at the posts that get a lot of comments and the ones that get very few.

    I often find myself not commenting on a blog when I feel overwhelmed, or find myself thinking so many thoughts about the posts (which is a very good thing!) that I don’t really know where to start with a comment (or occasionally, where to end…and then it becomes a small book in the comment section).

    • Thank you very much for sharing that, Tracie. I think we all hope to make a positive difference in the world around us. Please know that you do have the freedom to share as much as you want. I don’t mind. Sometimes it is good to get it out…whether in a comment or even in writing a post of your own about it! If you do write a post…I would love to know about it. You can even put the link to it in the comments here if you want. 🙂

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