Moving on Toward Freedom…

March 6, 2011

I started talking about assumptions in a previous post called Yours, Mine & ????…

Then I continued in More on Assumptions…and Getting Free….

Now I will give another bit of the story. Darlene coming out did definitely help, but we were not out of the woods yet. My parents were still living with us and still assuming they had control. Although they had to have been aware that something had changed.

On Valentine’s Day my hubby and I went about our plans without a hitch. Since Darlene had been by my side for so many years, it wasn’t hard for her to be “me”…although she is different. Hubby noticed a bit of difference and joked about it. We decided it would not be best at that moment to say anything about the switch.

The next day we went to our regular therapy appointment…which lead me to some NON-assumptions! I had called B and told him that some things were happening…but he was not able to call me back. So, one of the first things he did was mention the message I had left and ask about what was going on.

Darlene proceeded to introduce herself and it took off from there. It turned out B had known all along about the DID, but did not want to tell me. His reason was that he wanted to avoid me coming back later and saying the only reason I believed it was because he had told me I had it. He said it was important that it come from me.

He suggested I might want to switch to a therapist who had a lot of experience with DID folks because he had only worked with two and had not brought either of them to wholeness. I told him I trusted him and wanted to continue for as long as it was working. If it got to where he could no longer help me, then I would switch.

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