August 25, 2011

I finally finished the Webinar presentation for this weekend. I don’t typically like to cut it this close, but life has been happening.

The good news is that my hubby got a job. Yay! Things will still be incredibly tight for a while, but at least we are looking at a future and potential raises. I applied for a job and did NOT get it…which I am fine with, especially now.

The place we are living in is still unfinished…and while be for a LONG while. It takes money and time to finish it and we have neither. In fact, the time factor just went WAY down with hubby working…but I would rather have him working.

That also means one less person in the house during the day. I am introvert. Need I write more?  Awhile back I ran across a post titled 10 Myths About Introverts . It is an excellent article. Boy, do I relate! Having just one more person out of the house really makes a difference for me. I am still not alone, but I am one down. Woohoo! I do love him, but I live with one extrovert and another extrovert in the making.

Well…I am signing back off. The Webinar this Saturday is called Journaling: Going Beyond the Book. It deals with non-traditional types of journaling and, if you hurry, you can still sign up for it. Just go here. They have a sliding scale fee and, if you can’t afford anything at all, you can ask for a scholarship. All money goes to the support of Survivorship.


  1. I would like hear, when you have the time, some more about webinars and what it’s like to put one together and journaling.

    • I will try and put up something about that. 🙂 The best place to check out ones that are being offered is to go to survivorship.org. As I can, I will share more about my experiences with them.

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