Missing in Action…What About You?

December 27, 2011

Really…I am only missing because I AM in action. Everyday, I get up and show up and do what is in front of me to do.

I like most of what I do, but there are some things that I would rather replace.  There are things in my life that I think take up too much of my time. I feel the struggle for balance taking place on a regular basis.

I need to weigh the things in my life (including people) and figure out how to spend more time on the them than I am now. But that means spending less time on some things (including some people) than I do now.

This kind of decision-making does not come easy for me. I naturally want to do it all. Yet, really, who doesn’t? It is not that I want a harried, rushed life or anything. I just want to take the time to do all the things I find enjoyable. But I can’t. Every minute I spend on one person or thing, I am not spending on another.

So what, really, are the most important things and people in my life? This is something I am going to continue pondering as I enter this new year. I want to do this coming year better than I did this past year…not that I think I did this year badly…I just want to do better next time around.

How about you? How do you decide what things and people are most important in your life? Do you have regrets about this last year? Anything you wish you had done differently…or that you plan to do differently next year? Do you feel you have balance in your life?

Feel free to just think about these things or to actually answer them in the comments section.


  1. > Most important people in my life are the people that I care much and gives && shows important to me as well.
    > I plan to do more better in every decision I’ll make.
    > I don’t have balance, in the first place I can’t really control my emotions. It burst directly to certain emotion into different level of emotion. I need to do balancing about that.
    > I also need to balance my lifestyle and on dealing people.

    • Thanks for coming by and sharing with us. I think a lot of us struggle with the balance thing. I like your way of determining who the most important people in your life are!

      • I’d say, in determining the most important people in my life I look it in ‘equal balance’… i mean, I value people the way they value me.
        > That’s what I learn this year, cos it hurt much knowing those who you value most… are the people who value you less.

  2. The pharmacist is definitely a big person in my life. 😉

    Neat questions to ponder. I went through a period in my life when all kinds of people changed order in my circles of community. Some of them dropped completely out of my universe. It was a very strange, but lightening experience. I’m really much happier in the life I live, than I was living the life other people wanted me to live.

    • Boy, do I hear you on that last statement, Meredith! That is powerful and I relate to that. So much of my life was tied up in being what others wanted me to be. I can still get caught up in that, if I am not careful. Thankfully, though, it is to a very minor degree when I do. I have at least grown that much. 🙂

  3. I have neglected reading you thoughtful posts and I am glad I read this one to ponder the past in light of the present.


    michael j

    • I am glad you stopped by, michael! It is good to see you. 🙂

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