May 16, 2012

Here I sit in my life. It has been difficult to write for a while now. It isn’t that I have not had things to share…I have. But when I get started, I end up not satisfied with whatever I’m writing. I feel as if I don’t have the time to really make a well-written post…or one that is cohesive and really says what I want to share.

I have been busy with my son’s education, which really hinders my time here. I have been busy with studying and reading the bible. I have been busy on Facebook and doing creative work. I have been slowly organizing the office/guest room in our house so that I can get more productive. On top of that, I have been doing a lot of baking…Challah, dessert breads, whole grain breads, Italian breads and so forth.

I have also been working through mother grief, picking the guitar back up and now we are also looking to learn Hebrew as a family. And it looks like I may be working with a neighbor woman once or twice a week with a percentage pay that could be next to nothing for a while. Oh, joy. We are giving it six weeks to see if we can make a go of it. Thing is…I may have to work some Shabbats. I am really being torn by that one. It is bad enough my husband has a rotating schedule that causes him to work most Shabbats. What to do?

Being busy is a good thing, but I also find that I can get overwhelmed fairly easily, which is why I often rotate what I do.

Anyway, I just thought I would check in and let the world know what is up in my life.


  1. Okay… correct me if I’m wrong, but this is Jewish tradition… and I obviously missed something. Are you studying Judaism, girl? I think it’s wonderful, but I guess I’ve missed a few posts.

    I imagine your house smells heavenly! 😉

    • Hey, my friend! No, you have not missed anything. I have not really written much about it here. We are disciples of Yeshua who are studying the Hebraic roots of our faith. I read from Hebraic sources…both Messianic and not. I am also reading through the Torah every year as they do in the synagogues on Shabbat. I do what I can to honor Adonai through obedience to the portions of Torah that apply to non-Hebrew people.

      We are finding that there are so many things we have been taught that are based upon mistranslations and an anti-semitic bias in the interpretations. So many things are clearing up for us.

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