June 11, 2012

Good thoughts…as usual!

Ritual Abuse

It’s almost full summer now, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. Leaves are out, spring bulbs have passed, lakes and ponds are starting to warm up, campgrounds are open. It’s time to play outdoors.
Or is it? Many of us feel very uncomfortable playing. How many survivors have bodies that are stiff and uncoordinated and constantly are walking into something or tripping and looking foolish? How many cringe at sports, remembering bad grade school experiences? How many were taught to stay perfectly still while being abused and are afraid to move freely?
And how many of us were abused outdoors, in the soft velvet night? How many are afraid of insects — for good reason? And of other little critters that make their homes outside; snakes, toads and frogs, rodents?
It is infuriating that our abuse can separate us from nature. It’s totally unfair that the beauty of a full…

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