Triggered and Shaking…

August 10, 2012

I cannot believe how much this is affecting me. I hate this. I cannot seem to calm my insides down. I want to cry and scream and…I don’t know. I need to do something to get grounded while I am trying to get ready for Shabbat. Thankfully, I am already pretty much ready…just need to solidify dinner and so on. Easy stuff. I just need to concentrate…a wee bit.

Here comes the music! Not sure which kind…gotta see what is playing on my favorite internet radio. Actually, maybe I will listen to some instrumentals someone recently gave me. Beautiful stuff!


  1. Sometimes it’s all about just getting from one moment to the next. Our best thoughts are with you during the transition…

    Our best,

    • Yes, Ann, sometimes it is just about that. I am so thankful that it rarely is like that any more. When it does hit, though, I feel about as helpless as ever. The difference is that at least I understand what is happening and that it WILL pass!

  2. Prayers and understanding.

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