October rituals…

August 21, 2012

With each passing year, I have thought less and less about what happens in October. I have not thought as much about September when they pick their victims. I would not say that I have forgotten entirely, but it really has hit me less and less with each year. Last year, I did forget…for a while. I think it was already October before I really thought about it.

This year is different. It is still August and I have thought about it at least twice now. Why now? I don’t know. It is something I am thinking about. I have a suspicion as to why, so I am being cautious.


  1. With every thing that has gone on this past year I feel cautious about the upcoming season as well…leaning into Jesus is the only way I can make it this year. Been so close to the edge as recent as 3 weeks ago.

    • I am comforted always by the awareness that my safety and wellbeing are in the hands of my Creator. I try to use reminders of what is going on to remember to pray for those who are still trapped.


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