August 30, 2012

The words to this song are beautiful…very healing.

Music for the Soul Blog

She’s back on heroin again. I don’t know what to do – it breaks my heart to watch her self-destruct!”

The cancer is back. I can’t deal with this anymore!”

I know he’s still using pornography and acting out with others – it hurts me in the deepest place of my soul!”

The pain in others is sometimes so extremely palpable, we can almost feel the depth of it ourselves. What can we say to our friends and loved ones during these times? What words of wisdom should we offer?

Words often fail us, and honestly, they should. For it is in our silence when God can speak the loudest to the brokenhearted. Simply sitting beside someone, giving them a hug, or through sharing music, we can give our loved one a message of hope, comfort, and peace.

Who in your life needs to

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