I am concerned…

September 9, 2012

…about my nation.

I read the The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn and the facts he presents have been checked and double checked by many. These things happened and they follow an uncanny pattern. The odds are astronomical for just a couple of these things, let alone all of them.

I know our nation has been going downhill for a good many years. I have watched it and felt helpless to do anything to stop the downward spiral. My heart and spirit are grieving. I am praying and bracing myself for the judgment that I see coming…or perhaps that has even already started.

I pray it is not too late. But if we do not wake up and repent and turn back to the Creator of all, I fear that our nation is falling. Life as we know it will never be the same. Am I ready? Are you ready?

If you can, please get The Harbinger and read it. I have read the naysayers, but they clearly have either not read the book or they simply completely missed the point. (I am actually being gracious here as some of them have been downright nasty.) The fact is that there are many others who are seeing this and blowing the naysayers articles apart point by point.

The best thing, of course, is to get the book and read it for yourself. You will never look at what is happening in the world the same way again.


  1. I have also been worried about our country. I think about the sins we as a country have committed and I know from personal experience that negative energy often has a boomerang effect. There is evil in the way the United States was established and formed. Slavery was allowed to exist and florish. Natives were murdered and their land was taken. These days some citizens act as if anything goes and ignore the consequences. Some things are simply wrong. Congress is divided and more loyal to political parties than constiuents. China has been allowed to buy an overwhelming amount of U.S. bonds. The trade deficit is like a seesaw with one end always down and guess which side this country is on. We go to war when we need to try to improve conditions here. And then elected officials have the audacity to think they are smarter than the average citizen. Money and looks are more important than character and decency. People can’t disagree without trying to destroy one another. Many don’t vote. I am guilty of letting myself be distracted by life and work instead of paying attention to what is going on. We can’t keep doing and allowing this kind of stuff to happen and expect things to turn out good. We need to do some serious praying and humble ourselves to each other and our maker. This cannot continue.

    • There is a lot of evil going on now and you make some very good points. We do need to repent and humble ourselves for allowing all these evil things. However, the evil did not come from the founding of our nation. It came from human weakness afterward.

      If you read the source documents, you find that the founding fathers wanted to do away with slavery. In fact, they had appealed to the king to do away with it, but he told them they could not because it was legal in England.

      When the Declaration of Independence was written, they actually included that as one of the grievances, but there were slave states that protested loudly. They knew they could not stand a chance unless they were unified, therefore they reluctantly took that out.

      George Washington wanted to free his slaves, but there were specific laws in place that made it illegal for him to do so. So, he chose to provide well for them and actually paid them for their work. He did set his slaves free upon his death, but his wife was not allowed to set hers free because she had inherited them and inheritance laws would not allow her to do so.

      This country was also founded with verified miracles. One example is that George Washington had multiple bullet holes in his uniform, yet was untouched.

      Sadly, just as with all imperfect people, later on we really blew it with the Native Americans. That was definitely not right. But it is not the founding that was the problem.

      Most of the reasons for the founding had to do with religious freedom. Sadly, that is going out the window. Another reason was the lack of representation. That is going out the window, too. Having British soldiers living amongst the citizens in the colonies was another. Sadly, we are headed for that, too.

      • I agree with some of what you say but not all of it. The country was founded on the supposed idea of religious freedom by Puritans who wanted to be separated from English Protestantism. At the same time the Puritans didn’t respect the Natives right to religious freedom. They believed that anyone who didn’t believe in God the way they did was of the devil. I think the Natives protested their beliefs being disrespect.

        Most natives were wiped out by diseases of which they had no immunity. Puritans tried to convert some of the Natives left over, and they also murdered some – all in the name of God.

        When the Constitution was written slaves were not considered fully human. This was done to appease northern colonies. The North didn’t think slaves in southern colonies should be counted as fully human people because they didn’t want the South to have more representatives in the House than they did.

        Slavery clearly caused much pain and misery in this country. Slaves suffered degradation, their children were stolen and sold. The majority worked hard and received much of nothing for their labor and yet they helped to build the nation. Slave owners twisted bibilical scriptures to justify their evil doings. I wonder what would have happened if slavery was ended when the colonies gained independence from England. Maybe the Civil War would not have taken place.

        Slavery was brought into the colonies from the Caribbean because it allowed planters to accumulate wealth using free labor. Washington may have freed and paid his slaves, but what about the majority of slaveowners who didn’t? The laws for not freeing slaves were written by who? Americans. The laws were evil.

        The price paid for that evil was the Civil War which was fought to keep the union together. The North wanted new states to be free and the South wanted them to have slavery. It was all about majority rule. It was all about power. Many, many young men were crippled and killedi n that war. There was so much destruction it boggles my mind. Of course these things were caused by human selfishness and weakness. There was a weakness for power and money and there still is.

        Most of us are decent, fair people who are doing the best we can. I believe that the United States and the freedoms we have are a gift from the Spirit. In order to hold on to what we have we’ll have to listen to what the Spirit or a Higher Power tells us.
        I don’t think it will all be easy.

        • Hi, Hope. None if us is ever right about anything. We just have to keep learning.

          I know the Catholics who came via Columbus really destroyed the culture that was in Mexico and, yes, they murdered many. It is a travesty. However, that is not the case with the Puritans. Again, looking at the source documents really helps. We have had the Pilgrims portrayed inaccurately for a long time. Dressed in all black, staid, serious and so on. They were actually fun-loving people who got along fairly well with many of the Indians.

          Don’t forget that some of the tribes were very vicious and sought to wipe out other tribes. They also did not necessarily like the Pilgrims. There is good and bad in every group and that includes the Pilgrims and the Indians alike. Overall, though, they got along pretty well and the Indians helped the Pilgrims to survive. One thing that is true is that the first “thanksgiving” really was with both Pilgrims and the Indians.

          It was not Protestantism they were trying to escape, but the idea of a state church. In Europe, most (if not all) countries had a “state” religion. If you were English, you had to be Anglican. German…Lutheran, and so forth. The Pilgrims wanted to be able to worship according to their own consciences and beliefs. That is what they sought…and not just for themselves. Yes, they were Christian and understood that it is only through Jesus that we can be in right relationship with G-d. However, I have not seen that they killed the Native Americans over it. In fact, they partnered together in many instances.

          It is also important to remember that not all who came were “Pilgrims”. Some were merchants trying to find a way to get rich in the New World or simply fellows seeking a new life in a new place. Not all were “religious” or even “spiritual”. Some were considered the dregs of society. They were criminals being given another chance.

          They did bring diseases that the native immune systems were not prepared for. That was not malicious. No one had any way of knowing. They did not even understand disease and how it was spread at that point. It is sad that it happened, but there were also many Indians who did survive.

          You are correct about the slaves being counted as 3/5 of a person and about the North not wanting the South to have more representatives. It is important to understand why that was and that is where the writings of the Founders are really helpful.

          The Northerner, by and large (not all), considered all men to truly BE created equal and endowed with unalienable rights. Remember that they wanted to include that in the Declaration of Independence, but when the Southern slave states threatened to remain separate, they pulled it for the sake of unity. They knew they could never break from England if they were not united.

          They also figured that slavery would pretty much extinquished itself anyway and that was their hope. In fact, they were right. Slavery was actually in the decline when the cotton gin was invented by a very smart free black man. That invention did a lot to further slavery because of the money it saved. It is expensive to have slaves, even when you treat them improperly. The gin saved so much money that slavery boomed again.

          The source documents tell us that the non-slave states wanted the slave either fully counted with the freedom and representation due them or not counted at all. They recognized that simply counting them fully without giving them true freedom and representation would give the slavers the power to keep slavery alive and the abolitionists did not want that. The slavers refused both of those options, so again for the sake of unity, they compromised. They gave a 3/5 count to acknowledge the slaves, but without giving the slavers full power to keep slavery going.

          As for the majority of slaveowners who did not free their slaves, we have to realize that history has been very much rewritten and “they” only tell us what “they” want us all to know. If you go back to source documents you find out a lot more than what we have been taught.

          There were actually not that many slave owners. Most of the slaves were concentrated on the plantations. There were very few plantations compared to the average farmer who could not afford the expense of a slave. And, of those slave owners, some did set them free. However, they quickly realized that was not a good idea because a freed slave could be caught and resold into slavery. That happened a lot. Even if they carried their documents of freedom with them, those documents were often ripped up and the slave resold. Many slave owners who became anti-slavery recognized that the time was not right to set them free. This was out of genuine concern for their people.

          And there was the economy. The plantation owners were dependent upon one another for their fiscal success. An anti-slavery plantation owner was seen as a threat and some actually had their lives threatened if it was suspected that they were against slavery. They had to wait for the right time and do what they could “undercover” to bring slavery to an end.

          You are correct about the twisting of scripture. If you read scripture carefully, it is NOT pro slavery and it is definitely against the mistreatment of slaves. Most people never catch that!

          I understand why and how slavery came here. It is a sad thing. Another side of the story that is rarely, if ever told, is that the huge majority of slaves were not captured by white slavers. The tribes of Africa got along about as well as the Native American tribes. And, like the Native Americans, captured the people of other tribes and used them as slaves. It was the African people themselves who sold their fellows into slavery.

          Regarding the Civil War, your wondering may be correct. Perhaps that horror would never have happened. However, since the slave states would not allow the abolishing of slavery, if the abolitionist states had insisted, we would not have had a union and, most likely, would have remained under a tyrant English king. Everything we know would be different right now.

          There were 3 key elements to the Civil War. Slavery was a part of it but not all of it. You also had a financial threat from England (that rarely, if ever, gets talked about) and the idea of states rights to secede. Abolitionist states were content to allow slavery to die on its own in the slave states, but were adamant that it should not spread to new states. The slave states wanted to take slavery west and decided to secede in order to do so, which they did actually have every right to do!

          However, there was another threat on the horizon that Lincoln saw. There were rich financiers who wanted to control America. The ones who control the money control the country, which, sadly, is exactly what we see has ultimately happened anyway. Lincoln knew that, if we stayed unified, we could fight this threat. Two smaller nations would be much easier for the financiers to infiltrate and control. That is a huge reason (in addition to slavery) that he went to war. Yes, it is a travesty and very sad, but it it what it is.

          I agree that our country and our freedoms are a gift from the Spirit. That is clearly shown in the miracles that took place and is stated in the Declaration. It is also foundational to our form of government working. Even our Founding Fathers warned us that to ignore that fact would bring about our downfall. And that is exactly what we see happening today. We look to the government to give us our freedoms, but anything given by a government or by man can be taken away. That is why the Founders looked to G-d as the giver.

          • I respectively disagree. We see history from different perspectives. You are an intelligent and kind woman whom I Iike and appreciate.

            • I like and appreciate you, too, Hope. 🙂 I appreciate dialogging with you because you do not attack simply because we disagree. You are willing to discuss things.

              I am curious as to what it is you disagree with. I can try to find source documents for you, if it would help.

    • If you can point me to any source documents that show I am in error, please do. I am always wanting to learn!

  2. Thanks for replying One Survivor. I know I am rarely right about everything. I hate that.

    • I wish I was right about everything. LOL

  3. Hi Onesurvivor. I’ve been trying to figure what I can do to help this country. I feel that there’s not much I can do. At the same time I know there must be, but I haven’t figured out what it will be.

    The only thing I can come up with now is to pray for our leaders. All of them. The President, Congress Ugh! and the Supreme Court. Whoever wins the presidental election is going to need prayers. That man has a difficult road ahead of him. We didn’t get into this unstab;e position overnight and I don’t see us getting out of it without hard work and struggle.

    Maybe I’ll work on voter registration and apathy. So many of my friends don’t vote because their disgusted with the corruption they know exists in government and the lack of real choices in candidates. I know exactly how they feel. The only reason I vote is because of the sacrifices I know were made for me, and I’d hate it if thet privilege was taken away.

    We don’t have to agree on everything in order to help one another help this country that we both love.

    • I hear you, Hope. The apathy is definitely discouraging. It seems as if so many do not care about this country they live in and they choose not to educate themselves on the issues.

      Pray we must…diligently. And we must do the best we can with what we have.

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