Family in Sandy’s path…

October 30, 2012

I am praying for my family (and everyone else) who are in Sandy’s path. I have been following it live on The Weather Channel’s Youtube channel.


  1. Monday night was scary. It rained heavily, the wind blew hard, and a tree was uprooted in my neighbor’s yard; it’s still leaning precariously, about to fall on his home and mine. The thing is the tree will take out the power lines if it falls and he’s waiting to see if the electric company will take care of it. Thanks for the prayers. We need them.

    • Oh, my! I am glad that you are OK thus far. I will continue to pray. I hope the power company does come and take care of it. Are you able to call them? I would think that a tree hanging precariously like that would be a priority!

      • I called them again today. A customer service rep told me the electric company had been out to look at it and they were going to call in a tree service, but all the tree companies are booked up. I told her there are many children in the neighborhood and it will be difficult to keep them away from downed wires because they’re naturally curious and most of them think nothing bad would ever happen to them. You should see how they jump in front of my moving car with dumb grins on their faces. Anyway, she said she’d try to get the problem at the top of the list. So we shall see…

        • Perhaps, if enough people from your neighborhood call and complain it will get bumped up a little higher. I would sure hope so anyway.

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