Can anyone say…

November 14, 2012

Can anyone say “emotions”? I find myself suddenly fighting tears. My eyes well up and sometimes they slide on down my face.

I am not sure what is wrong with me. I am not “depressed”, per se, although I did take some SamE this morning in case it might help. (I think it might be…not really sure, yet.)

I just feel sad.

Yes, there are some things going on that do concern me…things that sadden me. I especially think of what is happening in Israel and of all the things we voted for in this last election…like the ongoing murder of the preborn. Of all things, I think that one really breaks my heart the most. People talk about “rights” to live as they please. Well, these precious little ones have not rights…not even the right of life itself.  To what depths have we sunk as a nation?




  1. It is a sad and very close to home topic. The election has sent me into a bit of a tailspin for reasons I don’t quite comprehend yet. The abortion issue hits close to home as mine was planned…but didn’t happen. I’m not always certain how I feel about that. I think though the political world tries to make a “logical” argument for something that goes to the core of our being- it will never be able to truly capture this issue.

    I don’t know why but this election has probably been the most triggering ever.

    Maybe the tears are a sign of compassion, understanding and a piecing together of your own healing?

    • This election has been very difficult. Knowing that either the election was rigged (and there have been SO many blatant evidences of outright fraud) and/or that so many in our nation really want some pretty horrible things…well, it IS very sad. We have strayed so far from our foundations and from G-d.

      Abortion…part of what grieves my heart is how many women I read of who really did not even want one. But because it is so readily available, they were pressured into getting one instead of being given what they needed to NOT have to get one. It is like people do not want to make the necessary sacrifices to help a women or girl in that situation. They prefer to have them go through the second trauma of abortion and all the resulting affects both physical and emotional/mental. Are we really that selfish? I guess we are.

      And Israel. I am so saddened by the lies being told against Israel. Mamas, babies, children, everyone living in constant fear of rockets coming in. Yet, when Israel finally says “enough” and takes steps to stop it, they are called the “aggressor”. I know the hatred against Israel and against the Jewish people only makes sense if you recognize the demonic realm. The Arab world, including Gaza, has been given so much money (including American). But instead of spending it on infrastructure, they just buy more weapons from places like Iran. Their own children are killed when they have mishaps because they purposely put these rockets in highly populated areas to make it harder for Israel to take them out. *sigh*

      And I have challenges in my home that I struggle to deal with. I feel very inadequate for the tasks in front of me…yet I need to keep pushing forward.

      Maybe I just need to write and vent? Maybe I just need to pray? Maybe I just need to take some time for myself? I so miss being completely alone. I will have some alone time this Friday. I so need it, yet I know that it will just not feel like enough. It has been too long and I really need a weekend, at least, somewhere away from here.

      I hope you can figure out your own feelings about the abortion. I know that must be huge to deal with…so many emotions surrounding that knowledge. And yeah, the world will never be able to truly capture this issue…not without looking at the Spirit anyway.

      I think your last statement probably does sum it up pretty well…understanding, compassion (at least I sure hope I am compassionate) and some of my own healing.

      I have times of things just sort of flitting through my mind. Images and words from the past, of my life, my parents, my sister. Bits and pieces floating by and through my mind. I need some processing time and it is hard to come by.

      Thanks for coming by and writing. I am so hanging in there that I don’t get “out” much.

  2. It could be(as undercoverdid said)the election has triggered some of the sadness you already feel and it’s coming out.

    • I think that is a very real possibility. One area of sadness I did not mention is the sadness I feel for some of my survivor friends and the things I read they are going through. I do try to skim through emails when I can and, while I don’t always have the time (or energy) to go and write a response, I do care.

      There is just so much pain and suffering in this world. I long for Messiah to return and make all things new.

      Thanks for caring, Hope.

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