December 13, 2012

More of the story that needs to be told.


  1. OneSurvivor, do you think most of the people in the church want to know the truth? I ask this question because about twenty years ago when I began to remember sexual abuse I told a few people what I was feeling. Big mistake. All but one woman brushed me outside and she was someone most of them looked down on. And I never told her anything. She knew I was hurting from observing me. I never forgot how she tried to comfort me. I also never forget how people acted as if I were inferior to them because I was struggling. I came to the conclusion that the church members were satisfied with what they believed about The Spirit/God and wanted to go no further.

    • That is a good question, Hope. I believe they think they want to know. But I also believe that they truly do not understand. It seems like only those who have experienced abuse get it. I would be willing to bet that the woman who tried to comfort you either experienced abuse or was close to someone who did. Or, perhaps, she is just one of those to whom G-d gave a gift of real compassion.

      I read this to my husband and he (and I) agree with your statements. It is sad, but there are a lot of people who we believe ARE very satisfied…or at least, they think they are. Because they are not going deeper, they do not realize what they are missing.

      It is our observation, at the different assemblies we have attended, that there are many who are simply not taught the truth. They are encouraged to go through the “rituals”, but not to go beyond them.

      We are also learning that many of our bibles are translated with bias and interpreted with a western understanding and culture. There seems to be a great lack of understanding the original languages and/or the culture of the writers and the original readers. We simply misunderstand a lot of what is written. The more we study, the more our own understanding is turned on its head. So much of what we were taught is simply not correct.

      I wish I could say that your experience 20 years ago was unique, but it is not. I know of many who have experienced difficulties in the “church”. I know we have, too.

      Thanks for sharing and contributing to the discussion. Hopefully, someone will read this and see the truth.

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