December 13, 2012

Reading this led me to do some searching on the Internet. In my soul and spirit, I now have some ideas churning…ideas for a possible prayer shawl for me. I would love to have one and I pray I will get a sewing machine soon.

Ahavah Emunah

According to Israeli Law…

No religious ceremony shall be in held in the women’s section of the Western Wall.  That includes holding or reading a Torah, blowing the shofar (ram’s horn) or wearing tallitot (prayer shawls).  To find out more about what is actually illegal, click here

I first came across The Women of the Wall ladies a few number of years ago.  Quite frankly I was shocked to believe that such religious persecution against women actually exists in Jerusalem.  I knew that segregated buses had been introduced and was even aware of reports of devout men shouting and screaming at women for dressing immodestly or being in the wrong place.  But it would seem from recent reports of arrests and detentions things are going from bad to worse.  Now even lady soldiers can’t sing their National Anthem.  They are allowed to ‘mouth’ the words.

I read the article: What the Women…

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  1. Oh yes… and our Father’s army of prayer warrior grows… you know you don’t have to sew one – one of my favourite prayer shawls is a simple pashmina scarf with fringes to which I tied the ‘tassels’ to the corners. I can wear it under my coat or even for Shabbat when I cover my head to light the candles…. the linen one I’m making is special for Yom Kippur and other High Holy Days :0D xx

    • I would not mind a scarf…just have no budget at the moment. We are living on a shoestring budget. I have a variety of scarves and a couple that are big enough to be shawls, but they would get too warm. Plus, I can’t keep them on my head very easily. Pins don’t work because I have very little hair to speak of anymore. 😦

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