January 23, 2013

This writer brings up some good points. This is the comment I left on her post: I am really glad that you brought this up. I was one of those who was so tired of hearing about the guns when it is the person doing the crime.

All the shooters, from what I have read, were on medications and no one is looking at that fact. The Virginia Tech shooter actually displayed such bizarre behaviour that his teacher and other students were afraid of him and half expected him to do exactly what he did! The shooter at Newtown, apparently, was scaring him mom to the degree that she was trying to have him committed. But that is not an easy process. I have read that some think her efforts may just have been what set him off.

I believe we do need to look at medications. Many of the medications are KNOWN to have deleterious side effects and yet they are still prescribed. I don’t want to see the mental health door opened to the degree that everyone who has PTSD is considered a danger (which would include a number of veterans). I have read of concerns that ALL veterans would automatically be disqualified from gun ownership because “surely” they must have PTSD…whether they display any signs or not! Yikes!

I know that it is not really about gun control, but people control and all these events are being used to further an agenda. How sad.

After reading your post, I am going to be WAY more cautious about mentioning the mental health aspect. I am, however, going to continue to mention the medications and their known side effects.


  1. There are currently 14.1 beds/100,000 persons available in the USA to the mentally ill. This is fewer beds/100,000 than were available in this country in 1850, yeah, I said 1850 and that isn’t a typo. If the President really wants to do something to help reduce the damage done to Society by the Mentally Ill he really ought to have a commission formed to look into why the Mental Health care system in this country is to badly broken.

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